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[author: Noreen Fishman]

Digital marketing can do amazing things for your law firm. The downside is that everyone knows it now. The online space is crowded with lawyers marketing their practice. So how can you increase your law firm’s online visibility and develop more business this year? Check out these 20 can’t-miss digital tactics for law firm marketing.

1. Work with a better SEO agency

In such a crowded search space, it’s essential that your website ranks for your key terms. If you’re working with a third party and you’re still not getting great organic rankings on Google, you need to re-evaluate. We suggest that you work with an agency specializing in the legal field. When choosing which agency to work with, ask to see their results in highly competitive spaces. Ask them to pull data from their customers’ search results and be sure to review their customers’ testimonials and case studies.

2. Post quality content regularly

Adding fresh content to your website is important for many reasons. That being said, only high-quality content will reap the rewards of search and traffic. This is another reason why it’s a good idea to have an SEO expert review new content with you. The best legal marketers add new pages to their site or blog every month.

3. Improve your website design to improve conversion rates

Your law firm’s website is a direct reflection of your firm. In order to maximize conversions and generate more leads, your website needs to outperform your competitors. If you haven’t updated your website in the past two years, chances are it’s outdated. Invest in updating your site, and while doing so, keep conversion rate optimization (CRO) in mind. Small changes can make a big difference in the number of quality leads your website receives.

4. Go mobile-friendly

In 2022, having a mobile-friendly law firm website is imperative. Ultimately, any improvements you make to your website won’t have as much impact if they don’t help mobile users. Law firms without a mobile-friendly website are already lagging behind in the rankings, as Google has moved to a mobile-focused index.

5. Build stronger connections and engagement with video and animation

Video continues to conquer the digital space. We suggest you create a variety of videos, on many different topics. Not all need to be top of the line, but a few do. Videos designed to really “sell” your business need to be top quality, which means you may need to work with a professional.

If you’re looking to join the ranks of lawyers who are effectively using video to generate brand awareness and help with business development, consider what these 10 lawyers and firms are doing.

6. Run Paid Sponsored Content on LinkedIn’s Advertising Network

Sponsored Content is a form of native advertising on LinkedIn. The advertising platform offers fantastic ways to reach target audiences and target accounts. You can segment people by industry, geography, job title, company name, and more. Read our free eBook, The Law Firm Guide to LinkedIn Advertising to learn how to optimize LinkedIn advertising campaigns to ensure you get the best ROI.

7. Run retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Any law firm running paid campaigns should include retargeting in their strategy. This is because people very rarely choose the first lawyer they searched for – they need to be reminded of your firm over time. Many companies run retargeting ads on other third-party platforms, but forget about Facebook and Instagram, which leaves a lot of exposure on the table.

8. Take advantage of local service ads on Google

Google says these ads “help connect you with people who search Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show to customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls you directly. via the ad.” This form of advertising takes the visitor directly to a profile page on Google, not to your website like traditional text ads. It’s cost effective because you only pay for the leads you get. marketing a law firm

9. Increase your paid search budget

If you want the best chance of generating leads and getting a strong return on investment (ROI), you need to make sure you have enough budget. Remember that a single case can be worth 6 or 7 digits. How many leads are needed to secure this case?

10. Improve your paid search landing pages

It’s a very common problem for businesses to have poor results with paid searches that can be attributed to ads linking to ineffective landing pages. Landing pages are an essential part of the conversion funnel and you should invest as many resources into them as you do into the other components of your paid advertising strategy.

11. Build a Martech Stack That Enables Your Marketing Team to Do More in Less Time

Marketing technology (Martech) enables business development and legal marketing teams to accomplish more in less time. From email marketing and automation to analytics and personalization, marketing technology has changed the way organizations and law firms scale their digital marketing engine and reap the rewards.

12. Get your law firm listed in well-ranked directories on Google

The “good” places to get listed are those that are highly ranked by Google. Check directories like Findlaw, SuperLawyers, Best Lawyers, etc., but only if they rank in the top 3 positions for the keywords you want to rank for. There will be associated costs, so you need to think about the return on investment.

13. Leverage chatbots to engage website leads in real time

It was a nice feature, but today chatbots are indispensable. If your law firm’s digital marketing budget allows, look for smart chatbots that can control the dialog flow between the visitor and the chatbot.

14. Get more reviews for social proof and an SEO boost

If you don’t have enough Google reviews (or you have several but they aren’t exceptional), it could cost you dearly. Rest assured that researchers are researching what other clients have said about working with you. They want social proof of your claims. Make it a priority to improve your reviews – in quality and quantity.

15. Create a referral network

Naturally, your law firm wants to process the files that are in its wheelhouse. But what about tracks you can’t work on? Why not send them to another company and collect a referral fee? Work with other nearby businesses to network for these purposes. Note: Regulations on this can be complex, so make sure you understand what’s allowed in your state.

16. Create unique call tracking numbers for each campaign

Most companies understand this as a concept, but don’t take the time to really create all the different numbers required. Have unique call tracking numbers for organic SEO efforts, Google ads, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, directory listings, retargeting ads (unique for each platform), landing pages , etc. Extracting data on these numbers will help you better understand what is working and what is not so you can make better decisions and invest money in efforts that contribute to a positive ROI.

17. Create a microsite to track specific types of cases

It’s a good idea to target a specific area of ​​practice in order to differentiate yourself from competitors. If you are constantly looking for a certain type of case, you can create a specialized microsite, with several pages and associated marketing campaigns. Specialty sites will convert at a much higher rate.

18. Approach the media with newsworthy stories

Generate public relations for your business by seeking opportunities to be cited in online publications and journals. A surefire way to do this is to approach journalists and build personal relationships with them. Pick up the phone, meet face to face and be a trusted partner instead of just a generic email in a reporter’s inbox.

19. Run advertisements for your law firm using OTT ads

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘OTT’, it’s time you figured out if you want to stay ahead of your competition. OTT stands for “Over the Top” and refers to how these ads bypass traditional cable and satellite TV to deliver video content. For example, ads that appear during your favorite Hulu show. They are more powerful than traditional TV ads because they allow marketers to target based on thousands of factors (most commonly geography, age, etc.). Users say they can deliver much more relevant ads and reduce budget waste.

20. Measure and optimize campaigns in real time.marketing a law firm

Real-time measurement and optimization is a real digital advantage. Measuring your marketing efforts is essential to ensure that your marketing strategy is getting things done and really contributing to your next generation of businesses. Check out our previous article on key marketing metrics to track.


You don’t want to maintain the status quo in your business – you want to grow. This requires exploring new areas and constantly developing new strategies. It takes a constant and persistent presence to stay on top as a law firm, but there is no single online marketing strategy for law firms. Try these 20 tactics to help you expand your digital presence and win new leads.


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