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Working as a luxury real estate professional allows you to help buyers and sellers with their dream homes. Yet it can also start to become a lonely job. You can work exclusively from your home or from your vehicle, as you are always moving from one list of available accommodations to another. When this happens, you may miss important opportunities to connect with other real estate professionals or even attend local events.

Why is networking important?

There are many reasons to create a large and strong network of real estate professionals. Having a network allows you to spot real estate trends and discover new tools and resources aimed specifically at real estate professionals. You can then use these resources to improve your productivity and job performance.

Networking with other professionals also allows you to find potential connections that are related to your industry in some way. For example, you can get in touch with interior designers, contractors and even cabinet makers. Through these connections, they can refer potential leads to you when they provide other services to their own clients. Another benefit of networking is that you can more easily obtain and pass on referrals. There may be potential buyers and sellers who may not exactly fit your real estate niche. You can refer them to another real estate professional in your network and hopefully that other professional will reciprocate in the future. If you make networking a regular part of your work week, you’ll potentially find yourself regularly winning new leads who could become loyal, long-lasting customers for years to come.

4 Networking Avenues to Expand Your Career Reach

There are different ways to network with other professionals, and not only in the field of luxury real estate:

1. Charity events and local gatherings

These events allow you to network with other professionals who are in your city and region. You may find new real estate professionals looking to find more established professionals who are willing to provide development and other helpful advice. You may also find other professionals outside of the real estate space, but who share a similar client base, who might be interested in partnering with you for future referrals. Additionally, these events can also give your brand a good public relations boost as they show potential customers that you are an active member of the community.

2. Social Media

Social media is a great way to expand your network to reach real estate professionals outside of your local geographic area. It doesn’t require you to travel to conferences or other events and allows you to connect with other people on your schedule when you have time to create a connection with them. When you connect with peersyou can easily ask questions, share marketing ideas, or join groups to talk about properties, new markets, and even best practices for next-tier success.

3. Local and National Networking Groups

Local and national networking groups are designed to bring like-minded professionals together in one room for the purpose of making connections. These groups are ideal when you want to find other real estate professionals based on specific preferences, such as those who deal specifically with coastal properties, or more, higher density, big city locations.

4. Community Services

Community service is another area where you may be able to expand your sphere of influence. Granted, you don’t just want to volunteer for networking. If you choose to serve your community, be sure to focus on a charity that is close to your heart. This way you are more likely to connect with like-minded people who will be more likely to refer you to their own networks.

It’s important to keep in mind that networking opportunities can happen anytime, anywhere. Always be prepared to make a quick connection with another professional with the possibility of meeting up later to chat with them. To learn more about networking with real estate professionals and to access valuable resources, you can also become a member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing to access The network of institutes.

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Diane Hartley is the president of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, a leading independent education and designation authority for real estate agents working in the upper-tier residential market. Hartley brings her passion for luxury marketing and more than 20 years of experience growing and leading businesses to her role as President of the Institute.


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