5 Bitcoin Affiliate Programs That Pay In Cryptocurrency


Before purchasing a product, we tend to look for reviews and recommendations from third-party sources. When experts or well-known voices give their recommendations for a product or service, we are often convinced of the legitimacy of the product or service.

For this reason, brands understand the sentiments of consumers and seek out online influencers who can promote the brand on websites, blogs, social media pages or even get celebrities to endorse them online thereby increasing the value. branding and sales.

This online marketing technique is known as Affiliate marketing.

For businesses and brands of all sizes and types, affiliate marketing is profitable and effective. As a result, brands from different industries allow anyone to become an Affiliate Partner for their product, and now we are seeing this type of activity spreading across the world of finance, gaming, and cryptocurrency at a rapid pace. .

Among the many benefits associated with affiliate marketing, one of the most attractive is its ability to reduce the costs of brand promotion and allow affiliates to earn a commission on the sales generated every time a user purchases a product. produced through the referral link posted on an online platform.

That being said, today we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular names in the affiliate marketing world, which now pay cryptocurrency to their site partners and affiliates.

Affiliate Programs Focused on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin affiliate programs provide a great opportunity for savvy marketers to monetize their specific crypto audience. Lately, a few methods that have worked extremely well for affiliate partners are creating crypto resource sites and tutorial guides, sharing content through social media, and building YouTube channels that highlight the latest trends and points. discussion on cryptography.

With any or all of these methods in place, Bitcoin affiliate programs can generate recurring income for affiliates and site partners who have the necessary long-term content creation and marketing methods in place.

Bitcoin as a currency was launched in 2008 with a value of $ 0.0008 and reached an all-time high of $ 48,226 in February 2021, delivering a stunning yield of 48.22.525%. And as more individuals and brands continue to embrace digital coins and transactions in their day-to-day operations, we’ll likely see more affiliate opportunities become available as well.

People now look at Bitcoin with respect and have the same confidence to get great returns on their holdings in the future. This has led to the popularity of Bitcoin based affiliate programs that allow affiliates to earn a nice commission and have a chance to increase the value of Bitcoins earned.

In this article, we will take a look at 5 Bitcoin-based affiliate programs. Let’s get started.

Crypto Millions Lotto Affiliate Program

Crypto Millions Lotto is one of the largest online lotteries which deals only with Bitcoins and is available to anyone who wants to play the lottery all over the world. Their revenue sharing structure is lucrative with plenty of options.

the Crypto Millions Lotto Affiliate Program is one of the fastest growing platforms for affiliates looking to earn commissions in the form of Bitcoin.

The revenue sharing and commission structure for Affiliates is set on a two-tiered process, which means there are a number of ways that sponsorship partners can generate income. The first and most immediate is a 15% commission on the gross income (sales first and foremost) referred, and then potentially an additional 5% bonus if one of your referred players ends up winning a jackpot. This would certainly translate into a really good commission payout for any affiliates lucky enough to sponsor the jackpot winners!

Payments are sent in Bitcoin, with a frequency of daily and monthly payment options based on revenue and referred volume. There are also no hidden costs and the withdrawal threshold limit is also low.

With the growing popularity of the Bitcoin currency and its acceptance around the world, it is also important to note that this website and affiliate program is licensed to operate in over 180 countries which means you can promote it. almost everywhere and to all audiences.

Paxful Affiliate Program

Paxful is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to trade on their platform. This is similar to the way people trade on stock brokers’ trading platforms. Here on this platform, users can buy and sell bitcoin and earn trading profit. This platform has high volumes due to the trading of high value digital currencies. The affiliate program deployed by Paxful has been designed to ensure that it is beneficial for affiliates to earn an attractive commission.

The commission payment structure is lucrative. One can earn 50% of the trading or brokerage fees earned by Paxful from the trading volume of its user. Commissions are paid in Bitcoins on both transactions made by the user i.e. buying and selling cryptocurrency on the platform. Payments are made when an affiliate requests it.

Another beneficial feature of the Paxful Affiliate Program is that the 10% commission is paid when the referral also deals. This is similar to multilevel marketing where the downline’s own customers also make purchases. This concept is unique in this industry. One can earn a huge commission on residual income from a large team of organically created referrals.

Bitcoin IRA Affiliate Program

Today, more than 50,000 bitcoin and cryptocurrency holders use the Bitcoin IRA platform to keep their bitcoin assets in their retirement accounts. Bitcoinira.com is the world’s first and largest digital platform that allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and gold, for their retirement accounts.

This platform is highly secure for holding crypto assets. The benefit of holding assets for retirement in this mode is to save on huge taxes. Holding investments in Bitcoins means more money after tax.

the Bitcoin IRA Affiliate Program has an attractive commission payout for its affiliates. It allows you to earn up to $ 75 for each referred customer and create a Bitcoin IRA account. This platform has more than 400 million transaction volumes per month. With a 30 day cookie duration, this is a great option for affiliate marketers to make a handsome income.

LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

LocalBitcoins is an online platform for buying, selling and trading Bitcoin currencies. It has a reliable escrow system that makes it easy and secure to trade in the peer-to-peer marketplace in over 249 countries, although no regulatory authority oversees the transactions. The trading mechanism is fast and secure, where users don’t have to worry about losing their funds. Payments are made through various channels such as bank transfers, cash deposits, PayPal, Western Union, gift cards, and WeChat.

the LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program is a popular P2P (Peer to Peer) crypto exchange. An affiliate can provide their target audience with referral links to the website, blog, newsletter, and social media.

Affiliates earn free bitcoin from users who come to the site through the affiliate link, register as members, and then complete transactions.

Some of the features of this program are

  • Provides a 3 month cookie
  • Commission Validity: Payments are paid for one year from the date of Affiliate registration until the next renewal
  • The commission is on average 20% of a referral user’s trading fee. The trading fee is 1% of the total trading volume.
  • There is no minimum payment threshold barrier, and it can be paid daily to the affiliate.
  • Commissions are paid to the Affiliates LocalBitcoins account.

Timebucks Affiliate Program

Timebucks is a website that pays an affiliate free Bitcoin for every survey the affiliate completes. For people looking to earn free Bitcoin fast, so this is a great site. You don’t need exceptional skills to get started either. Besides paid surveys, the affiliate also gains other opportunities such as:

  • Post and follow people on social media platforms
  • Play games
  • Install free apps
  • Watch videos online
  • Complete the captchas
  • Registration on different sites
  • By clicking on the classifieds

the Timebucks Referral Program is a tiered referral program for affiliates. We earn on referral transactions and their customers too.

Program features

  • Lifetime Affiliate Commission
  • Average commission payout is 15%
  • Minimum withdrawal is $ 10 with weekly payment frequency
  • Track all earnings from the earnings tab.

How To Succeed In The Crypto Affiliate Marketing World

Bitcoin has many advantages for its high freedom of payment mechanism, transparency of information, reduced risk for merchants and affiliates and increased security. And while there is risk with its high volatility, it has also been shown to offer long term returns.

And while we may not know what the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be in a month or a year, we do know that people will continue to use digital finance and cryptocurrencies more and more in the world. everyday life.

Not only is this a fact, but it also creates a huge opportunity for affiliates, partner sites, and brands to launch their own affiliate programs.

As with all business ventures and affiliate marketing opportunities, it’s important to develop a marketing campaign that delivers value to an audience and increases user engagement and conversions over time. If you follow these steps and really focus on your target audience, there is no reason why you should not be successful with any of the programs mentioned above.

Posted on June 30, 2021


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