ApeSwap prepares for successful collaboration with MEXC Global


Singapore, September 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ApeSwap is ready to partner with MEXC Global, a renowned crypto exchange under the MEXC Group. ApeSwap hopes to create a good relationship with the exchange, thereby referring more projects to its platform.

ApeSwap boasts of being one of the most popular decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain. The platform has developed as PancakeSwap’s fork, offering users high yields, farming options, blockchain interoperability, among other benefits.

This partnership is one of the many productive collaborations that ApeSwap initiates. It is also an opportunity to extend the user-friendliness of its platform while increasing the number of innovative technologies on the Binance Smart Channel.

A combined growth opportunity

MEXC Global and ApeSwap have aligned visions for the future of their platforms; that is, their frequent integration of new avant-garde projects into their platforms. An excellent example is the collaboration of MEXC with vEmpire and ApeSwap with Polar Sync.

MEXC being a main contributor to vEmpire’s IEO, will open more doors for ApeSwap, which has its Initial Ape Offering extension. In addition, through CONSTRUCTION, both platforms can attract projects while assisting them in marketing and value creation.

An added benefit is that ApeSwap is big on decentralization. Fundraising in a decentralized manner is something that most projects wish to have; it eliminates third parties and additional costs and any other obstacles resulting from centralization while maintaining confidentiality.

Considering that MEXC is a centralized exchange, it can refer its customers who prefer decentralized platforms to ApeSwap. As the reverse will work for ApeSwap, both platforms will retain their customers through the partnership.

While there still isn’t a lot of information on what’s going on, you can watch for more details on MEXC and ApeSwap Telegram chains.

A booming platform with diverse functionalities

ApeSwap’s interest in DeFi and non-fungible tokens is undeniable, working towards increased total value locked onto the platform. Its features manifest the platform’s goals for diversity and benefits for all its participants.

Its native token, $ BANANA, built an incentive system on ApeSwap to encourage user participation. You can wager your $ BANANA tokens for rewards, join its cash pools, engage in yield farming, to name a few.

One point to note is the $ BANANA engraving mechanism, which avoids manipulation of the token price. If you burn your $ BANANA tokens, you Golden banana ($ GNANA), thus reducing the circulation of $ BANANA in the market.

In addition, it ensures cross-chain interoperability, thanks to its partnership with the Polygon network. Users can benefit from the functionality of both channels, a positive step increasing its adoption.

About ApeSwap

ApeSwap is a decentralized exchange built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It has proven to be a BSC based Automated Market Maker (AMM), it also offers yield agriculture opportunities as well as a staking Platform.

Considered a legitimate alternative to PancakeSwapand and having one of the main DEXed for BSC, all upcoming updates and news can be found by going to their social media pages: Website, Discord, Telegram, Twitter.

About MEXC Global

MEXC is a leading crypto exchange, the best one-stop-shop trading solution. It offers projects and investors exchanges, token circulation, and term deposits, among other benefits. The platform supports over 850 cryptos and tokens and has the most certificates for global compliance.

To interact directly with their continuously growing community and to learn more about this tremendous global exchange, visit their social media pages: Website, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter.

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