Attrace Gains Ground Among Investors With Revolutionary Web Advertising3


Amsterdam, 07 Oct 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ZEX, Today’s world is becoming more and more interconnected as people harness the power of technology to strengthen social bonds between communities.

The power of interconnection has notably been a driving force behind various projects, particularly within the advertising industry, which has been one of its major benefactors. Through the word montage, also known as referral marketing, interconnection has largely contributed to disseminating news about emerging products and services.

Unlike before, when someone referred a friend to their favorite store just because they liked them, referral marketing now has reward systems to entice attendees. However, while many have benefited from this system, various flaws remain as barriers to referral marketing.

The creation of Web3 has undoubtedly been a game-changer in the way data is used and managed in the advertising market. By introducing the concept of decentralization, Web3 enables data owners to have more power over their data and to resolve other changes primarily associated with Web2. This is why a team of experts sought to create a solution sharing the same principles as the technology, thus introducing Attrace. So what is Attrace?

Presentation of Attrac

To attract is the first reference market for all tokenized assets. Attrace seeks to become the world’s first trustless referral network enabling its users to fulfill the dream of decentralized referral promotions. The platform will allow participants to connect and participate in tokenized asset references on all public blockchain.

Launched in June 2021, Attrace is an SEO platform that provides a reliable SEO layer for users of the blockchain space. The platform was created to provide users with a marketplace to register and promote their favorite projects.

Since its launch, the platform has promoted many projects, especially IDOs and cash pools, for example Attrace itself, Drops, CardWallet, ROUTE, Dfyn and Quickswap.

How it works

The project is aimed at projects, promoters and participants.

The platform allows project owners to create a baseline (promotion) for any tokenized project and set bonuses that serve as incentives for promoters. Bounty rewards are only awarded to promoters who have helped bring attention to the project token or dApp.

Promoters can select and promote a project they believe in and earn bonuses (commission) for their efforts. Promoters can simply select a particular project, create their referral link, and share the same link with their followers.

Participants also have the option to share the bonus. Depending on the sponsorship, participants may be invited to participate in a token sale or cash pool and receive a bounty (bonus) for committing.

An important point to immediately mention here is that it all works in a completely trustless manner, which is a world first.

Attraction functionality

Besides being the first of its kind, To attract has many unique characteristics that make up the whole ecosystem.

First, the Attrace reference layer is managed by independent verification nodes and therefore operates in a decentralized manner. Nodes are used to record referrals (promotions), observe any tokenized asset on any blockchain, and trigger commissions and cashback distributions on external blockchains. In addition, the nodes also protect and govern the network. In particular, this allows Attrace Referral Network to take charge of promoting any asset on any public blockchain.

Second, the To attract The methodology eliminates any known privacy concerns in Web2. The platform uses a three-party sponsorship logic by linking the public wallet addresses of projects, promoters, and participants. Unlike all other marketing platforms, Attrace therefore does not require any cookie or fingerprint tracking tools to perform its operations.

Third, the commission is guaranteed since the reward budgets are locked in via smart contracts. The platform operates on the basis of “Code is the law” since each chain action is reflected on the participant’s wallet. Users can get payments in ATTR, the platform’s native token, the promoted project’s native token, or other cryptocurrencies of their choice.

Finally, we must mention DAO and governance. Attrace aims to become a decentralized autonomous organization and participants with the ATTR token have the power to vote on various operations within the ecosystem. This allows users to have control and shape the project to grow, suitable for everyone within the ecosystem.

At the moment, the platform offers benchmarks for IDOs, liquidity pools, NFTs, and staking on the Polygon and Ethereum networks. Other dApps and other networks (including BSC) will be added in the coming weeks.

What to expect in the future?

So far, the project has gained popularity among project developers, promoters and participants. The team works hard to meet all requests.

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