British pork pie business collapses due to UK labor shortages


Pork pie maker Vale of Mowbray has gone into administration due to challenges caused by rising costs and labor shortages in the UK.

According just food, The FRP consultancy is looking for a buyer for the family business in Leeming Bar, North Yorkshire, after being named co-administrator on September 28 when 171 employees were made redundant.

48 others were kept during the liquidation process.

“The company has experienced significant financial difficulties in recent years due to rising commodity prices, rising energy costs and industry-wide recruiting challenges,” FRP noted. in a press release.

“A marketing process was carried out to attract new investment into the business but, with no viable offer and the resources to continue negotiating, the directors appointed directors and closed the business.”

As part of the administration process, FRP partner Martyn Pullin said Vale of Mowbray’s two freehold factories in Leeming Bar will be sold, along with machinery and intellectual property rights.

“The Vale of Mowbray was a proud family business with a beloved brand that has been synonymous with pork pies for generations. But the increasingly difficult business conditions faced by many energy-intensive and labor-intensive manufacturing companies ultimately led to the closure of the business,” Pullin added.

“We are urgently calling on all interested parties to come forward. In the meantime, we are preparing to liquidate the company’s business and move towards an asset disposal in accordance with our legal obligations. We are on site and supporting staff, during what is an extremely difficult time, as we support claims with the Severance Payments Service.

A summary report published in August found that Brexit had exacerbated labor market problems in the UK.

He said the rise in vacancies in the UK was highest in jobs that relied the most on EU workers before the pandemic, such as hospitality, warehouse and transport workers.

This reflected “persistent vacancies” as emigration reduces the number of available workers, he said.

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