Businessman questions Dominica rulers’ ‘failure’ to promote compulsory vaccination


Nassief, Létang

Businessman Karl Nassief believes compulsory vaccination is the most effective way out of the COVID-19 pandemic for Dominica and questions the country’s ‘failure’ to support and promote This measure.

Nassief strongly promoted his position during the 3rd Virtual Discussion on the Covid-19 Pandemic on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, which was convened by the Dominica Business Forum (DBF) Inc. in conjunction with the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) .

“We need to make vaccines compulsory or make it extremely difficult for the unvaccinated to be near the vaccinated,” he said. “We see with the current problem of the lack of vaccinations, a lot of economic and social damage to come.”

Nassief is worried about what he says is the “real spread” of the virus due to the large number of small businesses and stores on the island and the much faster spread of the Delta variant, and advocates for this that he says to be a given. supported a safe and effective vaccine.

“We don’t have the right to infect others and potentially kill them, that’s a fact,” he says.

He suggests that the country’s political, business and civic leaders have not championed the case of compulsory vaccination which he postulates that Dominica’s laws allow it.

“Why has the opposition party not made a statement on the vaccination obligation? Nassief asked. “Why haven’t the union, the churches, the DAIC (The Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce) made a statement on mandatory vaccinations?” Are we all nearsighted?

“I guess history will be the judge, I guess,” Nassief said.

But the businessman’s proposal was not welcomed by Dominica Civil Service Union (DPSU) General Secretary Thomas Letang, who speaking at the same forum, disagreed. with Nassief.

“Not only unions in Dominica, but across the Caribbean, even internationally, unions support vaccination, but certainly not compulsory vaccination,” Letang said.

“Because in the end what you do is introduce a foreign object into someone’s body and without that person’s consent you have to understand that in case you have to face to serious complications from this vaccine which is still in its experimental stage, who takes responsibility for this problem which may arise in the future? “Asked the head of the DPSU?

Letang explained that as unions, what is done is to encourage people to volunteer.

“We do it persuasively to get people to volunteer, because we think there is something called collective immunity and we try as much as possible to get to that point,” he said. he declares.

Letang said the view that has been expressed publicly that compulsory vaccination is legal, “is always something that is debatable and we should not accept that the law provides for it.”

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has publicly stated that he is not in favor of compulsory vaccination.

The DBF Inc / DPSU event was held under the theme “All Hands on Deck; Let’s fight Covid-19 together. “


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