Create happy lives for hundreds of millions of families! Fosun Investor Open Day provides on-site experience for investors


On October 23, 2021, Fosun International Limited (share code HKEX: 00656) and its subsidiaries (“Fosun International” or the “Company”) hosted the “Fosun Open Day – Wonderful Tour of Lijiang” investor open house at Club Med Lijiang, guiding investors to discover and learn more about operational achievements, core competitiveness, future development of the Company and its Happiness segment member companies and synergies within the ONEFosun ecosystem. During the question-and-answer session, the management listened attentively to and learned from the suggestions and demands of the capital market on the development of the Company, thereby effectively enhancing the communication between the two parties and the transparency of the Company.

The investor open house was hosted by Fosun International and co-hosted by its Happiness segment member companies, such as Fosun Tourism, Yuyuan Inc., Shede Spirits and Jinhui Liquor. In total, more than 40 analysts and fund managers from Bosera Funds, Win Integrity Investment, CICC and China Securities Investment etc. participated in this tour.

During the event, Zhang Houlin, Senior Vice President and Co-Chief Financial Officer of Fosun International, presented the latest operational achievements of Fosun International member companies and the group’s ESG achievements. He said that Fosun has focused its industrial operations on integrating family users from various industry segments. Fosun aims to connect one billion family users across the world in different fields and build an FC2Mhappinesse ecosystem focused on family customers.

At present, the FC2M ecosystem has been implemented in many areas such as medical services, health management, pharmaceutical distribution, rehabilitation and elderly care, financial management, fashion and entertainment, quality consumption, and has achieved successful results. Zhang pointed out that Fosun International has always adhered to the principle of value creation, actively participated in national development, continuously improved corporate governance, improved the quality of information disclosure, and made steady progress in operational performance. In the future, the company will provide more targeted products through the platform to achieve the “ecosystem multiplier effect” between industries.

The investor open house was held at Club Med Lijiang. Club Med Lijiang, with FOLIDAY Town and Lijiang have formed a collaborative ecosystem. The town of FOLIDAY, which includes a Club Med resort, has injected rare high-end tourism products into Lijiang, attracting consumers such as foreign residents and globetrotters. On the other hand, the provision of tourism products has also brought changes in the lives of the inhabitants. In the station, a large number of local workers are employed, apart from the international GO team. As a global company, Fosun Tourism is committed to promoting the development of the local communities where it operates. She believes that regional development results first and foremost from changes in people, not only changes in economic levels, but also changes of mind.

Xu Bingbin, Executive Chairman and Co-CFO of Fosun Tourism, and CEO of Club Med China, said, “Forming a complete ecosystem with the local area means integration and coordinated development with the local area. As a resort operator, the first thing we have to do is to ensure the leisure function of the resort itself, and to ensure that the catering, accommodation, shopping and entertainment services provided are in accordance with consumer preferences and habits. will expand and open 16 new resorts around the world, eight of which will be located in mainland China, to maximize the expansion of domestic and overseas markets and be well prepared for the market boom when the tourism industry recovers in the future.

On the day of the event, senior executives from Yuyuan Inc., Shede Spirits and Jinhui Liquor also presented their respective business development. Yuan Gang, Deputy Chairman of Yuyuan Jewelry and Fashion Group, Qu Lina, Deputy Chairman of Yuyuan Beauty Health, Vice Chairman of Cosmetics, General Manager of Brand and General Manager of Sales of AHAVA China presented the operation and development of Yuyuan jewelry and cosmetics, and gave insight into its future development.

Representatives from Shede Spirits and Jinhui Liquor gave an in-depth presentation of their respective third quarter performance and related product development. Guo Qiang, general manager of sales and marketing of Shede Spirits Southwest China, said that Shede Spirits’ revenue in the first three quarters doubled year on year and net profit excluding interest minority interests had grown 233.1% year over year. Since 2021, Shede Spirits has vigorously implemented the old spirits strategy and the dual brand strategy of “Shede as the Core, Tuopai as the Focus”, has strengthened overall production and marketing management, committed to the path of high quality and sustainable development. , and achieved excellent results.

Ren Suiqiang, director of the securities and legal department of Jinhui Liquor, also shared the performance of the company in the third quarter. Net profit attributable to parent company increased by 53%, of which premium alcoholic beverage revenue growth rate exceeded 40%. Under the “twin” of distributors and direct sales channels, Jinhui Liquor unleashes a new dynamic of growth, promotes continuous improvement of operating margins, while seizing market opportunities, accelerating the creation of intellectual property of the brand, and opening the product circle and leveraging on Fosun’s ecosystem to further expand sales markets geographically and enhance the competitiveness and influence of the brand.

On the day of the event, investors visited salable properties in the town of FOLIDAY, Club Med resort and the Snow Mountain Lake area, fully experienced Fosun’s synergistic operational achievements, and conducted in-depth discussions with management to really understand the operating model of Fosun Tourism and Club Med. Through this event, investors witnessed the efforts of Fosun International and its Happiness segment member companies to “create happy lives for hundreds of millions of families”, and affirmed Fosun’s development philosophy.

The open house fully reflected the value creation of the company. The company gave a comprehensive introduction on its achievements, advantages and growth potential in the happiness segment of the capital market, which further enhanced the mutual understanding between the company, investors and analysts, giving a picture positive proactivity and transparency in the capital market.

About Club Med Lijiang

Located in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, Club Med Lijiang officially began operations on September 25, 2021. The opening of Club Med Lijiang marks a new stage in the expansion of Fosun Tourism and Club Med. At the same time, it also marks the completion of the first central element of FOLIDAY Town Club Med Lijiang. Currently, Club Med operates nearly 70 resorts on six continents around the world. Incorporating the magnificent ecological wonders of Lijiang into a millennial civilization, Club Med Lijiang offers a Naxi, comfortable and premium vacation experience for guests around the world. Club Med Lijiang has built a large indoor water park with a total area of ​​1,500 square meters and an indoor gym of almost 700 square meters. There are many attractive leisure facilities in the water park, allowing visitors to enjoy the fun of the water in all seasons, even under the snow-capped mountains.


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