Destiny Rescue Unveils a Powerful Spot Against Child Exploitation


Destiny Rescue, a Sunshine Coast nonprofit, is one step closer to ending child sexual exploitation and trafficking thanks to Hula’s creative collaborators and Brisbane-based production company, Light and shade.

The result: a hard-hitting brand campaign aimed at raising national awareness of the charity’s commitment to extending freedom and hope to exploited children around the world.

Destiny Rescue was founded in 2001 by Tony Kirwan after he heard a man on a Thai street bragging about being asked to have sex with children.

“When I heard that, it really hit me and I knew I had to do something.

“Our organization has become a global organization dedicated to saving children from sexual exploitation and trafficking and helping them stay free.

“Child sex trafficking is one of the fastest growing crises in the world. Due to the insidious nature of the industry, the actual impact is extremely difficult to quantify. The actual figure is likely much higher than current estimates.

“Destiny Rescue helps amplify the voices of those enslaved and freed from abuse,” Mr. Kirwan said.

When hired by Destiny Rescue, creative agency Hula took to heart Mt Kirwan’s dream of a time when children can go to bed to sleep, not to work. create a heartbreaking TVC that arouses the emotions of viewers.

Presenting a juxtaposition of a typical Australian child’s bedroom, the TVC overlays this with the reality of children enslaved in the sex trade via human trafficking to countries in Asia and Africa.

A hard-hitting reality of what really happens behind closed bedroom doors, the call to action made through the TVC is the realization that Destiny Rescue’s existence is only possible with donations. public.

Sunshine Coast’s creative agency, Hula Strategic, invested a huge effort from concept and project development to managing the campaign through production and media buying processes.

Hula founder and director Stuart Peace said the overall production could easily have been a six-figure project.

“We have done everything we can to get the client’s message out, to keep the issue front and center and that additional donations are now starting to arrive to push the efforts to save children from sex slavery.

Hula had been working with the charity for a short time, and when the conversation started to do something different, the wheels were set in motion to create a brand campaign.

“We knew the client wanted something different to reach a much wider audience.

“We brought together a group of like-minded professionals who wanted to give back and create something meaningful, with purpose.

“As soon as they read the script and understood the cause, they were 100% committed,” Mr. Peace said.

Production company Light and Shade, led by director Josh Ziani and producer Emma Horne, came with an equal effort.

Light and Shade director Josh Zaini said he was immediately struck by the simplicity and power of the creative concept.

“We are fortunate to work with a very generous and talented team across production and publishing who were equally eager to come on board and create meaningful work that we hope will lead to positive outcomes for children. in unacceptable situations,” Zaini said.

Destiny Rescue marketing director Geoff Harrison credited the creative output achieved by the two agencies.

“The TVC produced by Hula and Light and Shade has allowed us to get our message out to a much wider audience, who we hope will be inspired to donate to our efforts to save exploited children,” said Mr Harrison.

Running since late May, TVC airs on all major free-to-air networks, as well as Foxtel and catch-up streaming channels, with a supportive social media campaign to further extend its reach.


Creative agency: Hula Strategic (Stu Peace)

Production company: Light + Shadow

Director / DP: Josh Zaini

Producer: Emma Horne

Photographer: Corey Schweikert

Art Director: Matt Porter

Blunderer: Dave Russell

1st CA: Aaron Bottero

HMUA: Jane Heta

Cast: Ben Parkinson (Michelle Clancy)

Talents: Paul Adams and Erika Uusi-Hamikmo

Composer: Ack Kinmonth

Sound design; Ross Latte

Color Level: Kali Bateman

Editor/Post Supervisor: Rohan Cooper

Editing assistance; Carmen Bensley

Animation Design: Jono Shaw


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