Easy and Cheap Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos


When you start your blogging career on YouTube or decide to grow your business using this platform, the first question you ask yourself is how to properly promote your videos and increase your influence. This question can be confusing for beginners, but the reality is not as hard as you might imagine. Competition can be stiff in many niches, but knowing how to promote your videos is a big help for any industry you might choose. In this article, you will find the most effective tips for getting many views of your video on YouTube.

Paid promotion

Many people use paid services for their growth on social media. First of all, it’s a great method for beginners to break into the competition and start making an impact on the target audience. Of course, one of the most important criteria that will help you reap many benefits from the statistics purchased is the choice of service. The site you should prefer the cheapest YouTube views that offer organic delivery as this is vital.

Remember that the metrics you can buy cannot substitute for the actual audience and their appreciation, so you should carefully implement your paid metrics into your strategy.

Investigate on google

Your goal is to find the most suitable keywords that will help you include your video in the top search results outside the platform. Since YouTube is part of Google Corporation, search results will also involve videos from YT. So, to fit in, you need to figure out which keywords match the most popular search queries in the engine the most and use them in your SEO: titles, video descriptions, and channel tags.

Being visible on Google means more exposure to potential viewers. So this is a great way for you to promote your channel and expand your influence.

Write the most compelling headlines

Another aspect that can improve your SEO is writing good keyword rich titles for your videos. Making headlines that match the most popular search queries is a good way to increase your visibility and get more users to your channel. Before naming your downloads, browse through similar videos in your niche and see which of them get the most views – this metric will help you develop a pattern for your own titles.

Make good thumbnails

Visuals are incredibly important, and on YouTube one of the biggest impacts is through thumbnails. This is a small image that displays as the cover image for your video. And that’s the first thing that represents your content on youtube. So you have to put a lot of effort to create worthy thumbnails of your videos to receive more and more video views. Here are some useful tips for your designs:

  • Make your thumbnails minimalistic, but filled with enough detail for the user to understand what your video is about
  • Add a short text with at least one relevant keyword
  • Unify the design of your thumbnails and add branding details to make your content more distinctive.

Give real value

When you start to create videos for your channel, you need to make sure that you come up with something that is really interesting, original, entertaining, or educational. YouTube is a kind of social media where users expect to find not only fun and relaxation, but also something valuable and educational. So, in order to gain the attention and appreciation of the audience, you need to make sense of your videos. Providing high-quality content is a sure-fire way to gain popularity on YouTube, and generally good content is easily promoted. So before we start seriously think about your strategy, make sure you’re ready to deliver the best streaming content.

Be active online

Easy and Cheap Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is a social platform, so communication is vital for your growth. The engagement of your audience is a measure of your influence on the platform. On YouTube, you can speak directly to your viewers about your videos – here you can suggest topics to discuss in the comments section and add calls to action to motivate them to do what you want. Remember that you should actively respond to comments left by users, so that they feel the connection with you.

Another method to increase the number of views and user activity on your channel is to host a contest and generate a growth boost. This will bring more new visitors to your profile and help you promote your content more.

Use multiplatform promotion

Of course, organic and efficient growth is impossible if you only embrace one network. To expand your influence and reach more people, you need to have profiles on various social platforms. Among them, you choose your primary and secondary resources. Your primary is where you upload the best content that defines your personality.

Secondary platforms are your support that helps attract new people and connect with your existing audience in more different ways. Remember, for your cross-platform promotion to be successful, you need to create exclusive content for each network you adopt.

Vary your content

To grab the attention of more users and retain your subscribers, your job is to offer different types of content, so that more people can be interested in watching your videos. By staying within the range of topics in your industry, you can gradually add new forms of content. This way you can gradually test user reaction to your experiences and decide what to do next.

Your viewers can be your assistants in this area: ask them what kind of content they would like to see from you and what is not too appealing to them. Social listening is a good thing for companies, as for associations.


Promotion on YouTube is a complex task. You can’t just focus on getting views or likes. You need to analyze the dynamics of your growth and constantly find ways to improve your performance online. Fortunately, YouTube offers enough tools for research and analysis, and users won’t miss the opportunity to express their thoughts on your videos.


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