Emirates news agency – ECA and UNICEF team up to promote global innovation in early childhood development


ABU DHABI, Aug 31, 2021 (WAM) – Abu Dhabi Early Years Authority (ECA) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) partner in series of initiatives to advance their shared mission to drive innovation and excellence in early childhood development and create opportunities for every child in Abu Dhabi and around the world to be raised in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.

As part of this partnership, UNICEF joins the new Global Early Childhood Development Movement, or WED Movement, created earlier this year by ECA. The WED movement brings together a multidisciplinary global network of experts in early childhood development and related fields to work together to create a series of programs and initiatives that promote healthy early childhood development.

ECA and UNICEF will work together to enhance cooperation with the United Nations and various international and regional partners to advance a common global progressive agenda for the early childhood development sector and promote the creation of digital infrastructure for better connect and share information in the global ECD ecosystem. .

The ECA / UNICEF partnership was strengthened during a recent meeting between Sana Mohammad Suhail, Executive Director of ECA, and Ted Chaiban, Regional Director of UNICEF Middle East and North Africa. The two early childhood development officials met during a visit by a UNICEF delegation to ECA headquarters in Abu Dhabi to discuss strategies to limit the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on children.

Commenting on the partnership, the Executive Director of ECA said: “UNICEF will play an important role in helping to establish the WED Movement globally and to advance efforts to create true innovation in small-scale development. childhood to better prepare our children for the future, both here in Abu Dhabi and around the world. This partnership will allow us to share valuable UNICEF research and best practices related to early childhood development with the groundbreaking working groups of the WED Movement, as well as support the development of a new knowledge platform on the DPE.

For his part, Ted Chaiban said: “The Early Childhood Authority is a pioneer in early childhood development and child protection in Abu Dhabi. UNICEF can play an important role in helping to disseminate their learnings and new programs to countries around the world. Through our participation in ‘WED Movement’, we can work together to advance our common goal of providing every child, wherever they are, the opportunity to have a good start in life. ”

The WED movement has identified three central themes to focus on in the first year, each representing social challenges and potential opportunities to promote excellence in early childhood development found in countries around the world. whole. These themes include studying the growing role of technology in the lives of young children (Tech Humanity for Children), examining a wide range of lifestyle influences that impact mental development, and cognitive development of a child (21st Century Lifestyle) and the promotion of a holistic ecosystem surrounding the child that promotes positive mental development and social interaction at an early age (emotional well-being and social interaction).

As part of this partnership, UNICEF will join the Breakthrough Working Groups (BWGs) tasked with developing policy and program recommendations to help Abu Dhabi achieve specific goals around each theme. BWGs are the innovative approach of the WED Movement to harness the wide and diverse experience and expertise of team members to realize the opportunities represented in the initial three themes.

In addition to UNICEF, BWGs include representation from a mix of academics, health professionals, political influencers, children’s media and entertainment specialists, and global business leaders from a wide range of institutions recognized worldwide as leaders in early childhood development including the World Bank, UNESCO, Harvard University and a number of global companies. To date, GTBs have held nearly 100 strategic planning sessions.


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