Family business selling ‘tailor-made’ Caribbean rum online receives green light from license managers


A family business selling “tailor-made” Caribbean rum online has received the green light from license managers.

Island Rumz will run its internet-based operation from a semi-detached house in the Castleton area of ​​Rochdale.

As bottles of the trendy drink will be stored on the Croydon Avenue property, a license is required to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises.

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And that has now been granted by a subcommittee of the Rochdale board, following a meeting that heard from company co-founder Delgado Junior Waite.

The decision was made over objections from some residents, who expressed concerns about a possible increase in anti-social behavior, noise nuisance and traffic problems.

Mr Waite told a hearing at Number One Riverside that neighbors may have misunderstood the nature of the business, believing it would be open to customers.

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He explained that purchases are not shipped directly to customers from home, but that Amazon would make regular collections to replenish its inventory, depending on the level of demand.

He said: “We are not planning to sell alcohol directly from the property, it is not something that we are considering.

“All Amazon does is come to our property, pick up the alcohol, and promote it on their website. We do the packaging, but they pick it up and deliver it.

Mr Waite, 30, added that drivers would check the passport or driver’s license upon delivery to make sure the customer was 18 or older.

Councilor Phil Burke chaired the permit subcommittee.

The contractor told the three-person panel that he sympathized with the residents’ concerns, but felt they were out of place.

“The majority, I understand, because I don’t think they realized this was an online store,” he said.

“They thought it was a store that would sell property, it didn’t.

“Antisocial behavior and things like that that have been brought up, that’s not really a problem because no one will buy alcohol on our property. “

Mr Waite also reassured the committee that he could book deliveries and collections at times that would disrupt his neighbors as little as possible.

After a long period of deliberation, the subcommittee – chaired by Councilor Phil Burke and also including Councilor John Taylor and Councilor Amna Mir – decided to grant the premises permit.

This was subject to the conditions included in the request, but with the additional requirement that video surveillance be installed and made available to authorities upon request.

Vehicles must also be parked in the driveway of the premises when collecting or delivering bottles of rum.

Mr Waite – known as Junior – has teamed up with his stepfather Craig Hunt to launch Island Rumz after the duo started making their own flavored rum during the lockdown.

The company sources its rum from the Caribbean and has also partnered with the Staffordshire Brewery, based in the Midlands.

He hopes to release a Jamaican rum called Sorrel, traditionally drunk only at Christmas, in time for the holiday season.

The Rochdale council licensing subcommittee met at Number One Riverside on Tuesday, December 7th.

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