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a sushi kit created by LAC Corp

Geki Corp is a group of business artists who mainly work on making concept videos. One of their latest videos is “First Light”. Also hailed as ‘Temaki’

SAITAMA, JAPAN, March 4, 2022 / — Geki Corp is a group of business artists who mainly work on making concept videos. One of their latest videos is “First Light”. Also hailed as “Temaki,” this video is mostly about hope and coming together to spread joy.

Geki Corp, a group of renowned business artists work largely on creating some of the most unique and heartfelt music video. Their latest launch is ‘Temaki’ which, translated from Japanese, means ‘hand-rolled’. The video basically conveys the topic of first light and echoes sentiments that the world will return to normal once this pandemic is over and it will happen very soon.

The video revolves around the concept of hotel entertainment.
Temaki means “hand rolled” in Japanese; It is actually used for hand rolled sushi. The “Temaki” video sends a message to the world to spread positivity and affinity for loved ones. The video is based on the story of “First Light”. This story gives hope that the world will return to normal once the pandemic is over. The underlying theme of Temaki is that people can enjoy making a wonderful dish like sushi with their friends and family. Sushi is a kind of dish that is best enjoyed when loved ones gather together and have a joyous time together.

It has been found in research that less than 70% of people meet their loved ones without worrying about being infected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has really created distances between people, but Temaki aims to remove these distances. Once the pandemic is over, people can get back together and make sushi with the ones they love, without worrying about a thing.

Hiroki Katsuhisa is a talented video director and he is interested in web content and social media. The music used in the song is the original Temakisushi and it was written by Airi Furukawa who boasts of a whopping 2 million views on YouTube. Choreographed by Astoco (Asuka Kaneko and Motoko Kimura). So he goes on to show how the best of people came together to make this inspiring and happy video that sets the tone for happiness to follow after this grim pandemic that has cut off most people even from their near and dear ones.

The video features seven multinational dancers who put their heart and soul into creating such an amazing dance video. The dancers did a wonderful job realizing the central message of the video and the story behind it. The dancers featured in the video are Asuka Kuga, KTea, Tait Angle, Cimacho, Sanika, Vin and Jay-K.

The music video, Temaki is also promoting a set of sushi created by LAC Corp. This kit contains recipe information for creating the perfect hand-rolled sushi. This kit from LAC Corp allows people to have an authentic Japanese cooking experience, again, while having a splendid time with loved ones, whether family or friends. The sushi kit also contains seven paper cranes. Cranes represent good fortune and happiness in Japanese culture, and that’s the main focus of this sushi kit.

The music video and sushi kit also aim to provide more opportunities for workers in Japan. Once the video spreads around the world and more people become addicted to sushi, there will be more work for farmers and farmers in Japan to produce more rice, agricultural products and fish products. But most importantly, sushi represents bringing joy, happiness and smiles to the world.

The video ends with the message that when this pandemic is completely gone, let this be the product that will act as the first light for people. Those who would like to see more such impressive works from the commercial artist group Geki Corp should make it a point to visit (

About Geki Corp.
Geki Corp is one of the leading commercial artist group that mainly works on making some of the best concept videos. They are known for their best creative and inspirational ideas that are unique and sure to leave an everlasting impression.

About LAC Corp
Through the food and media industries, LAC corp supports and promotes the field of animal welfare, which supports “maintaining the land’s abundance”.
The LAC has a team named “Wander-Nyander Creation Association” which works on enlightenment activities such as web media, picture books, video and music.

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