Government to promote sports culture across the country: British Minister – Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Gilgit Baltistan Tourism Minister Raja Nasir Ali Khan said on Saturday that there is no shortage of talent in Gilgit-Baltistan and that the government is taking various measures to promote local sports in this region across the country, including the game of polo and other cultural festivals. .

He said: “We want to promote ice hockey internationally to participate in the Olympic Games”. Raja Nasir said huge income could be generated by Britain’s sports tourism sector as maximum facilities are provided to tourists.

Speaking to PTV News, he said at first, we have revised our tourism policy and the issue of granting “hiking permits” has been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, adding that this step we helped accumulate wealth that could be used for the betterment of residents.

To a question, the Minister said that GB is a very attractive place for foreign and local tourists to observe a unique culture and civilization of the region. The minister said that the government is working on the establishment of a tourism authority in Gilgit Baltistan and that to this end, legislation is being drafted in coordination with all stakeholders. He said that a task force is also being formed for strict monitoring and sustainability of tourist places.

Raja Nasir Ali Khan said the government is also working to promote winter tourism in the province. He said that the tourism industry therefore has enormous potential to contribute to the country’s economy; more focused approach is the need of the hour.


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