Growth of ESDS in the Global Cloud Market


Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword; rather, it has become a business priority for companies today to gain a competitive advantage in their respective sectors. The number of internet users in India is expected to reach 915 million, according to estimates by foreign brokerage and research firm Morgan Stanley.

Transforming the world through digital technologies

ESDS was established in 2006 by a first generation entrepreneur, Piyush Somani. Piyush Somani, CEO and President of ESDS, said, “I started ESDS 16 years ago with the idea of ​​creating the best workplace where workers are treated equally. I started my business after working for a year and a half, after my engineering. I wanted to become an entrepreneur who is not only a job seeker but also a creator of opportunities for others. “

ESDS has built a complete cloud platform that its customers rely on, consisting of cloud infrastructure, well-architected solutions aimed at reducing costs and providing security, flexibility, scalability and reliability to businesses.

ESDS ‘product – eNlight Cloud – adheres to international security standards, following the concept of layered security to provide a high level of data protection on hypervisor platforms (Source: Ken Research Report).

ESDS’s comprehensive portfolio of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud services includes public cloud, private cloud, virtual private cloud, hybrid cloud and various community cloud offerings. In addition, ESDS provides applications developed in-house and by third parties in a digital marketplace, called SPOCHUB, which enables ESDS and its software vendors to offer their solutions with customized packages to corporate clients.

Overcome Business Challenges

The early days of starting the business saw responses primarily from international clients. “India is one of the top offshoring destinations for IT companies across the world In July 2015, the Indian government launched a ‘Digital India Program’, with the aim of propelling efforts to transform India in a digital society and knowledge economy The cloud services market in India was going through a phase of transition to the cloud, which was accelerated by the perpetuation of Covid-19 in 2020. The culture shift of Work from desktop to virtual work setups has generated the urgent need for secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-effective technology services across the country. SaaS has been a huge support for the sudden increase in the workforce. mobile in 2020. ”Piyush said.

“Starting a business in India, especially from a Tier III city, has its own set of challenges and we didn’t know how to reach clients or investors in the subways. invest that. It continued to escalate, and eventually, in the process, outside investors began to appear. “, says Piyush.

An Indian company with a global presence

“Choosing the and .in domains for our company was to project to the world that ESDS is not just an Indian company, but an Indian company with a global presence,” explains the founder.

The .in domain has helped position ESDS as an Indian cloud service provider, and the domain extension further demonstrated the desire to be seen as a ‘made in India’ company, acting as a bridge between people in India and abroad. .

“Unlike large businesses, small businesses often remain small due to their lack of resources. However, they can always go the extra mile by having a responsive, user-centric website, ”explains Piyush of why small businesses should opt for a website over social media platforms.

“In today’s digital age, websites are the first line of interaction between a business and its customers. Small businesses can market their products and services directly to visitors to their website. Small business owners can also obtain user information, such as email addresses, while promoting marketing strategies by sending emails, offering discounts, and keeping them informed of new announcements. launches, ”he adds.

Additionally, a .in domain extension ensures a level playing field for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs to compete with large organizations. “It is much easier for someone in India to register a .in domain because it is economical. Resolving a or .in domain from India is happening at a rapid pace, so people visiting your website can opt out of the web. pages easily on mobile phones. Also, you can quickly get your preferred domain name from .in domain extensions for yourself, ”says Piyush.

The National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) helps many businesses across the country obtain a .in or. domain of Bharath. Businesses of any scale and size can benefit from a .in domain with the help of NIXI. It is affordable and can be used in over 22 languages ​​for businesses from all parts of the country.

Growth and turnover

ESDS operating income increased 8.42% to Rs 1,719.27 million in fiscal year 2020-21.

The series “Shaping India Inc’s Online Growth” chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how the creation of an online presence in the .in or.Bharat domain has fueled their successes.


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