Harry Styles being accused of “queerbaiting” means that gender ambiguity is no longer enough for the LGBT movement. People have to choose sides and be “loud and proud”.


In a bizarre departure from typical left-wing support for gender ambiguity, flamboyant pop star Harry Styles is reportedly under fire from some progressive critics for refusing to publicly say whether or not he is bisexual.

The backlash apparently stems from a recent interview he conducted with Better Homes & Garden, published on Tuesday, in which the former boy band singer-turned-solo actor offered a controversial response on the subject.

Citing his desire for personal privacy, Styles refuted the media’s frequent attempts to clarify his sexual orientation, calling the concept “outdated,” anyway.

“I’ve been very open with my friends, but that’s my personal experience, it’s mine,” he told the magazine. “The main thing about the direction that we should be taking, which is accepting everyone and being more open, is that it doesn’t matter, and it’s about not having to label everything, so you don’t have to clarify the boxes you tick.”

Some obviously thought his reasons for not disclosing who he slept with were fair enough. But according to EuroNews, others remained unsatisfied.

The outlet reported that some critics on social media “criticized his privilege as an ostensibly straight male to be able to step back from discussions while embracing a queer aesthetic.”

The concept would be known as “queerbaiting” and loosely describes a scenario in which someone embraces the aesthetics of queer culture without committing to identifying with broader LGBT culture.

“For critics, queerbaiting allows people to freely enjoy the aesthetic without the personal hardships associated with openly identifying as queer in a heteronormative world,” EuroNews reported.

In Styles’ case, gay critics accuse him of enjoying LGBTQ+ support without coming out publicly as bisexual.

You’d think Styles’ increasingly open embrace of the LGBTQ+ movement would be celebrated by those in camp.

But it seems pop star Pride’s flag and wearing outlandish clothes aren’t enough in the crazy new transgender world. He must completely reject the heteronormative lifestyle or become a normal masculine man again.

“Translation: I’m a straight man who wants to stick with his queerbait marketing strategy”, an accused critic.

They added: “If he is truly queer, it would be more important for him to express it than to keep it ambiguous. Members of our community (especially black people) are constantly at risk of showing who they are and doing it. in a flamboyant way, and that’s why we’re where we are now.”

“Ding ding ding!!!” one person replied approving the post.

Another reviewer wrote“It would be nice if it was, but homosexuality is under constant attack. Especially in some states where you can’t even say gay. We can’t all live in 2050 where ambiguous sexuality is the norm. We We live in 2022 and we need allies who will make noise and stand by our side.”

“No hate but it looks more like a marketing ploy than anything else, he’s taking advantage of the sexual ambiguity around him, if he comes out as gay or bi…it’ll be less relevant because there’s no nothing new about a queer person wearing a dress or painting their nails,” added another.

Yet another commentator expressed a similar rebukesaying, “I respect that he wants to preserve his own experiences, but then he shouldn’t sell it like it doesn’t matter, especially when people are dying in the middle of these talks, I believe we we need and must speak out about it loud and clear, today more than ever.”

And the list went on. It’s a strange new world.


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