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With Ann Dreisbach from Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting

By Sarah Carter Levitch
Photos provided by Whitehouse

Recognized in the community for its craftsmanship and quality, Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting remains Kentuckiana’s premier painting contractor. Whether painting a house or a church, Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting guarantees satisfaction and professionalism. We spoke with Ann Dreisbach, Director of Marketing, the company and the scope of her work, and asked Dreisbach to share some of the company’s painting tips for homeowners.

Tell me about Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting and what it means to be a mother-daughter business.

We are a full service professional painting company. It’s a family business, and we call ourselves partners. Amy Bergeron, owner of Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting, manages our team of 40 people and takes care of daily operations and production. I do marketing and development. For me, as a mother, I am so proud of her and what she has accomplished. It gives me great pleasure to see its success. Our business has grown exponentially, and it has made it possible. She grew up in a family business. My husband is part of the Dreisbach family of Dreisbach Wholesale Florists, a company founded in 1911. So Amy understands how to run a successful family business.

We have painters who have been with us for a long time because they love our professional work environment and the way we care about them. We call our painters professionals. Every day we have calls from painters who want to work for our company because we have an excellent reputation. They want to wear our shirts.

What spaces does Whitehouse residential and commercial paint paint?

We love to make family homes and see how happy a family is when their home is refreshed! We also carry out banks, schools, churches, commercial buildings, large offices, warehouses, airports, business centers, shopping centers, shopping centers, distilleries and barns. We cover it all. Our favorite project was the St. John’s Center for Homeless Men, a church built in 1858. It’s here in Louisville on Clay Street. It was a remodeling project that involved repairing and painting the plaster. We worked with an interior designer and put up a four-story scaffolding because the ceiling has five floors. We also cleaned and repaired several old paintings. It was a challenge, but our painters were very proud because this is where people can come to find comfort.

Do you collaborate with designers?

Yes, many times a client can call us and ask if we can work with their designer, and many times a designer will contact us and tell us that they have a client who perfectly matches our professionalism and quality. We do not select colors for the customer, although we can give them options.


What do paint and color do in a space?

Painting your home is the cheapest way to refresh it. Color creates a canvas for you to work in a room, setting your tone and mood. If you want something energetic, you will paint it in bright or vivid colors. We have seen color trends through our industry partners. For the past ten years, blue has been the favored color, and now it tends towards sage and olive green.

How often do you recommend homeowners to paint their homes?

A person’s home is usually the most important investment in their life. Maintaining your home goes a long way in protecting this investment. If your exterior is painted by a professional painting contractor who uses high quality paints, it should last five to seven years, but it lasts much longer with annual maintenance. We recommend that homeowners have their exterior properly painted by a professional and have painters inspect it annually for paint peeling and cracks in the paint. The places to look are around windows and on the side of your house that receives the most afternoon sun. Also watch out for weathered decks, wood rot, and nuisance mold. For the interior, make sure your painting contractor uses the highest quality paint. The other paints don’t hold up as well.

What is a useful tip for a homeowner looking for painters?

When looking for a painter, always ask if they stand behind their work and use the highest quality paints. Make sure they have workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance. Ask them to show you their certificates. It is very important to you as the owner. At Whitehouse Residential & Commercial Painting, we deliver 100% customer satisfaction and stand behind our work. A guarantee is only as good as a company guarantee. If someone has only been in business for a year and guarantees your work, they may not be around in a few years when you need someone to do warranty work. We also have carpenters who work with us to repair wood rots or install shutters.

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