Hotels and CITA Participate in LA Flight Promotion

Los Angeles Airport

(CNS): The Cayman Island Tourism Association said its members are “delighted with Cayman Airways’ announcement of their new LAX direct flight and eager to support the success of this new route.” CITA also said it would help promote the route and support familiarization trips.

At a press briefing last week to announce new gateway, CAL CEO Fabian Whorms said he had never seen tourism players so eager to participate with Cayman Airways. “There’s a paradigm shift going on here that’s pushing the industry to put more skin in the game for its own benefit,” he said. “I see something special.”

Tourism Minister Kenneth Bryan also praised the contribution of CITA, which he said was a partner in this project throughout the promotion, both for entertainment in Los Angeles and with its own marketing program. because they are the main beneficiaries.

CITA said the flight to California’s largest city was an amazing opportunity. “At a time when other carriers have reduced their routes, it is a blessing that our destination has the ability and vision to open a direct flight to the LA market, establishing a unique value proposition that will set us apart from all the other islands in the Caribbean and will compete with us even against the Hawaiian Islands.

The statement continued: “We hope this extraordinary opportunity will enable us to help offset the loss of visitors we are still experiencing due to our remaining restrictive regulations for unvaccinated visitors, including children 12-18 years old. “

The minister said the LAX route business case is expected to be released shortly, although parts containing commercial sensitivity have been redacted. The new direct route to LAX begins Nov. 5, initially once a week.


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