In Dan Trachtenberg’s Ideal World, Fans Wouldn’t Immediately Know Prey Was a Predatory Movie


In an interview with SFFGazette, Trachtenberg was asked if he wishes the connection between “Prey” and “Predator” could have been hidden longer. The director admitted that it would be “almost not possible” due to marketing needs, but it was still something he tried to achieve. Trachtenberg says:

“In the original pitch of the movie…the first trailer wouldn’t have a title. You would see Naru’s setup, what she’s going through in her tribe, and her setting off to prove herself. When she goes into the woods, there was a fire in the sky, and that would be it.Then, closer to the movie’s release, we’d see a fuller trailer that would include the bear chasing her and then being lifted off by the Predator. of what that movie was that was my favorite version of when it came out so you would have had that secret excitement of the movie but not going all the way because people need to know what movie they’re going to see .”

“Prey” was originally announced as “Skulls” in 2019. Then the film was summarized as “a Comanche woman… goes against gender norms and traditions to become a warrior,” with no mention of “Predator”. In 2020, to the disappointment of Tratchenberg, the film was confirmed to be a “Predator” film prior to the start of marketing. This left Tratchenberg’s planned marketing strategy kaput.


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