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Mike Liotti has been passionate about boats since his childhood.

The Broad Ripple resident grew up around boats and his passion grew like him. At 11, Liotti took part in wakeboarding competitions with his brother Brian. The boys grew up learning to wakeboard on the Geist Reservoir.

Now 29 years old, Liotti has turned his passion into a profession. He recently purchased Pro Wake Watersports, 9175 E. 146th St., Noblesville, and changed the name to Indy Boat Co.

Indy Boat Co. President Mike Liotti, left, and his father and Indy Boat Co. Treasurer Dan Liotti take a break in the Indy Boat Co. showroom (Photo by Anna Skinner)

Liotti previously worked for his father’s company, Midwest Mole, a full service company in drilling, tunneling, directional drilling and rail services. Liotti was the project manager. His father, Dan Liotti, sold the business and retired in July 2020, so young Liotti decided to pursue what he loved.

Liotti, a management graduate from Purdue University, started conversations with Pro Wake Watersports in the fall of 2020 and bought the company on April 1.

“We had our family business, and I loved it and I loved the people there, but I felt like there was something else there,” Liotti said. “I wanted something different. I wanted to do something that I absolutely loved.

Liotti’s friends who owned boats always called him when they needed work on their craft, so Liotti decided to pursue that career.

“People always called me when they couldn’t get (professional) help working on their boats,” Liotti said. “They would call me and say, ‘Can you take a look?’ I grew up around boats and love them. I saw a need for service. It’s been a relatively short summer, so when a boat is broken down, wasting a month in the summer is difficult. “

Liotti said Indy Boat Co.’s goal is to have staff and equipment available to quickly get boaters back on the water if they need service during the summer months.

“I thought about starting a boat repair shop, but heard about Pro Wake Watersports and wasn’t sure about their growth plans, but knew the brands so I contacted to see if they would agree to a buyout, ”Liotti said. “The previous owners were in the process of making a decision for the future of Pro Wake Watersports, so now was the right time.”

Liotti changed the name to Indy Boat Co. in July.

“We tried to keep Pro Wake Watersports, but it was just a little too confusing for manufacturers and customers,” Liotti said, noting that there was a second Pro Wake Watersports store in Leesburg confused. “They were different stores. We didn’t want to change the name right away, but we finally realized it was time to start our new path.

Indy Boat Co. is a full service boat dealer with sales, service and demonstrations. He is in the process of increasing stocks.

The company has entered its peak season after Labor Day.

“Everyone is starting to call and plan for storage and wintering and bringing in boats,” Liotti said. “A lot of customers have heavier jobs on their boats scheduled throughout the winter.

Boats are stored at Indy Boat Co. and at some of the company’s offsite storage facilities.

Since most of the company’s clients are from the Morse and Geist Reservoir areas, Liotti is considering relocating to the Noblesville or Fishers area.

At present, demand exceeds supply in boat sales. Indy Boat Co. sells four premium brands – MasterCraft, Supra and Moomba boats, as well as Sylvan pontoon boats, and also has a stock of used boats. Boat loans can have a term of up to 20 years.

Dan Liotti grew up in Carmel and attended Purdue University. After his marriage to his wife Laura, they wanted to live by the lake and moved to the Geist area in 1987. The family bought a 2003 MasterCraft wakeboard boat in 2004 and still own the boat.

“We moved on the lake and bought a house on the water,” said Dan Liotti. “We have always had a boat growing up and bought a MasterCraft wakeboard boat in 2003. It was the first new boat purchase for our family. Then my kids started wakeboarding in the Geist area in 2004. We used to go to wakeboarding competitions, and Brian and Mike did some of those wakeboarding competitions all over the state.

“So the two boys grew up in boating. We spent almost 1,500 hours on this boat.

Mike’s mother, Laura, helps marketing for Indy Boat Co. and designed the new company logo. Dan Liotti also complimented the rest of the team.

“With the purchase of the business, we were fortunate to have our current Sales Director Michael Sahm and our Service Director Jim Warner remain with the business. With their knowledge and experience in the boating industry, we will be able to take our sales and service to the next level, ”said Dan Liotti.

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The Liottis bought a 2003 MasterCraft wakeboard boat in 2004, and their sons, Brian and Mike, started wakeboarding soon after.

Attend the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show

In February of next year, the Liottis will attend the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show for the first time as vendors.

“We’ve always been there as a family so we’ll be counting on our team who have worked for Indy Boat Shows in the past,” said Indy Boat Co. President Mike Liotti.

The company is taking more than a dozen boats to the show, from February 18 to 27, 2022.

“It’s nice for boaters because it’s the middle of winter and everyone’s stuck inside, so they can go to the boat show and spring is just around the corner,” Liotti said.


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