Jax helps promote American Song Contest with Jewel


Tik Tok star and singer-songwriter Jax is notoriously a american idol alum. But she stepped in to promote a rival singing show airing on NBC with none other than Jewel.

the American song contest premieres on NBC on Monday, March 21. The show, based on the popular Eurovision Song Contest features artists each representing 56 U.S. states and territories. The list of artists includes groups, duets and solos. Competitors also run the gamut from rookies to beloved legends.

For example, the singer-songwriter Jewel who released a bunch of hits in the 90s will represent his home state of Alaska. Like her fellow contestants, the singer will compete with an original song. View the full list of nominees HERE. Jewel also WON The Masked Singer season 6 last fall as the Queen of Hearts.

Jax and Jewel have more than singing shows in common

But more than being alumni of the singing show, Jax and Jewel’s connection is actually about the label. the American song contest will release the 56 original contest songs via Atlantic Records. And Jax happens to be an Atlantic Records artist. CSA Co-Host Kelly Clarkson is also on the Atlantic label.

In the Tik Tok clip, which Jewel calls her “the first,” she apologizes for “slamming NY so badly,” she continues, “But I had to mind business and represent my state of origin, Alaska and all its abundance.”

Jax brags that her home state of New York “is better than yours,” she continues, “Because we’ve got pizza and bagels and more. The Statue of Liberty. We’ve got little Italy. Try to name a better state than New York!

Jewel fires back “I think that’s nice, but I got the beat for your state. I mean part of it is good but it won’t help you survive. She goes on to boast of Alaska’s natural resources, “Big game and big fish and big mountain life.” And she’s right here: “Did I mention 10 hot guys to every woman?” »

The two end the song by singing in sweet harmony “My home country is better than yours!”

Of course, it’s all about having fun. the American song contest will encourage viewers to take root in the song of their country of origin. The show is both a singing contest and an athletic rivalry. Eurovision has been popular in Europe for decades. We’ll see next week if the concept catches on in America.

American Song Contest will premiere on NBC on Monday, March 21 at 8 p.m.


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