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Josh Goree, owner of Completeful, joined Discover Lafayette to discuss his journey in building his growing empire in e-commerce.

Completeful offers a Dropshipping service that allows entrepreneurs to start an online business and sell products with little or no risk, and without having to buy and store merchandise first to fill orders successfully.

With services like Completeful offerings, a business owner can start selling inexpensively or even for free and run their business from a laptop anywhere in the world.

Dropshipping has revolutionized the shopping experiences of consumers as online shopping continues to improve and gain popularity. Today, around 33% of ecommerce stores use drop shipping as their fulfillment method.

To bring that home, many of you may also have heard that the former Walmart building in North Lafayette was bought by a promising entrepreneur who is setting the world of e-commerce on fire. This entrepreneur would be our guest, Josh Goree.

Her story is an inspiration to anyone who wants the opportunity to generate passive income. Josh didn’t study business at Louisiana Tech; he ran on a scholarship and wanted to become a biomedical engineer. But he became frustrated with the way engineers had to work in pre-existing thought “boxes”. Josh came up with ideas and wanted them to be implemented immediately.

He went into sales for a marketing firm and learned to overcome his introverted tendencies. After about “500 introductions”, he realized he was on the verge of effectively selling products and earning lucrative commissions. His goal was to purchase a Raising Canes franchise.

His first traditional business he bought was a barber shop, with no background in cosmetology and no hairdressers yet hired to work for him. Yet over a meal at Logan’s Steakhouse in Alexandria, he convinced 10 of the 14 hairdressers he met to work for him. Josh joked that they stole it blindly, but he still made a profit and sold the salon at a profit two years after the purchase.

After a foray as a franchisee for Jimmy John’s (and he eventually had three locations) with the recently sold Monroe store), Josh realized that the traditional retail concept was limiting him in the number of people he could use. he could serve according to his limited capacity. He started to learn everything he could about e-commerce.

Shopify has proven to be the best bet for selling products easily and cheaply. He fishes for baits, bikinis and leather jackets. “For $ 30 a month, you can go to a website, drag and drop your logo on it, and start selling. Josh has learned that marketing is key. “You can have a terrible website, but if you can get people to your website, you can be successful. Don’t believe everyone on youtube. You can learn everything you need to know for free.

Josh Goree’s tips for budding entrepreneurs: “You don’t need a lot of money to get started; But, there will be times when you want to quit. Go through disappointments. You can take on the challenges. Don’t think about all the ways you can fail. You will make mistakes, but you will learn from them. Don’t make the same mistake twice.

Josh began to target products in demand in the wedding industry. He figured out how to market on Facebook and targeted everyone who gets married. By trying out different business names such as “from him to her”, “from her to him”, your personalized yours and your wedding business, “he had success, but found that the business model was not scalable. He was always immersed in the instantaneous execution of his affairs.

So about three years ago Josh built a new business model by learning dropshipping. He thought, “What if we take all the inventory, have printing machines, ship the goods for others who need their orders fulfilled?” It is scalable. In July 2019, he was traveling with one of his best friends from college, Justin Martin, and Justin was intrigued by the number of calls Josh was getting and wanted to get into e-commerce as a salesperson. Today Justin is a salesperson for Completeful, and about a year later he was making around $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 in sales per day.

No orders are fulfilled by Completeful until they receive a paid order from a customer. The company keeps the “blanks” (goods) in its warehouse. As Josh gained more experience, he learned to streamline processes to fulfill orders more efficiently and cost effectively. With an initial investment of $ 150.00 that he spent to build his very first laser printer, Completeful turned out to be a very successful business.

Completeful’s business model differs from other dropshippers who are typically either a “technology company that creates intuitive software that allows sellers to produce goods, or a” producer “that makes the goods. Completeful does both, reducing margins, lowering prices, and providing better quality control.

Its success went unnoticed until the announcement of the purchase of the old Walmart building. Then economic developers flocked to him. It must have been hard to believe that a young man not even 30 had reached this level of achievement.

Completeful occupies about half of its 230,000 square meters. Josh spoke of his desire to make room for an incubator for other tech and manufacturing companies. It could provide the space, the machines, the electricity, the Internet. And as he says, “With the fifth fastest internet in the world, it’s a great place.”

Josh shared the capital of Completeful with dedicated employees. “With a stake in the business, they really want it to be successful. As it grows, everyone will prosper. He also likes the fact that Completeful generates income from all over the world. “We don’t just recirculate local dollars, we bring them in. “

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It was a heartwarming interview. We wish Josh Goree continued success and look forward to seeing his next initiative come to fruition!


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