Khmer Enterprise (KE) and the Small and Medium Enterprise Bank of Cambodia (SME Bank) sign a memorandum of understanding to promote and develop cooperatively SMEs in Cambodia


To continue to actively contribute to the economic recovery during the Covid-19 epidemic and, in particular, to support sustainable and exploitable ecosystems for entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in Cambodia, Khmer company associated with Bank of SMEs of Cambodia mutually engage in promoting and developing SMEs and amplifying impacts within the Cambodian business community.

As part of this cooperation, Khmer Enterprise and SME Bank of Cambodia undertake to jointly support SMEs through (1) participation in any event organized to promote and develop SMEs or entrepreneurship in Cambodia. (2) SME Bank will provide a clean loan (unsecured) up to USD 50,000 to grade A and B SMEs to which Khmer Enterprise refers to SME Bank of Cambodia. A guarantee is required if the loan amount requested is greater than USD 50,000. SME Bank has the authority to approve / reject based on the qualifications of the applicants. (3) Khmer Enterprise and SME Bank of Cambodia will work to promote and improve access to finance for SMEs in Cambodia. (4) Khmer Enterprise and SME Bank of Cambodia will conduct co-branding activities to disseminate information on access to finance for SMEs in Cambodia.

HE Dr Chhieng Vanmunin, CEO of Khmer Enterprise, said that “the signing of the MoU between Khmer Enterprise and SME Bank marks an important step in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in which cooperation will strengthen and strengthen support for entrepreneurs, startups and small and medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia in terms of access to finance. In addition, Khmer Enterprise encourages all commercial banks to take measures to support the policy of the Royal Government of Cambodia to promote better access to finance, simplified procedures and favorable conditions for the financing needs of startups and SMEs, which contributes to the recovery of the Cambodian economy. “

Mr. Lim Aun, CEO of SME Bank of Cambodia, said that “SME Bank of Cambodia has provided attractive financial services, including low interest rates and favorable terms that make it easier for SME clients to access loans. In the future, SME Bank of Cambodia plans to develop a wider distribution network for potential clients and to facilitate the financial transactions of the Bank. The Bank will further invest in opening new branches and strengthening technological infrastructure, as well as partnering with other institutions to better serve SME clients in Cambodia.

Dr Vanmunin reiterated the importance of better access to finance for startups and SMEs to develop their business activities, which remains one of the main obstacles in Cambodia. Coupled with capacity training, Khmer Enterprise hopes that better facilitation of access to finance will improve the business ecosystem in Cambodia.

Mr. Lim Aun added that “For example, the Bank of SMEs of Cambodia today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Khmer Enterprise to mutually commit to promote entrepreneurship, including providing financial support to entrepreneurs, as well as to SMEs that have trained with Khmer Enterprise to be able to start and develop their business successfully.

As a unit reporting to the Ministry of Economy and Finance to support the dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cambodia, Khmer Enterprise works with different partners and stakeholders to improve the competitiveness and innovation of startups and SMEs.

As a commercial and policy bank, the Bank of SMEs of Cambodia strives to implement all activities to help SMEs in Cambodia to access affordable finance.

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