Local chemist launches online paint brand in Manchester


Hound Paint Co. plans to launch its line of consumer paints in July. (Courtesy of Hound Paint Co.)

A local chemist dives into another side of the paint industry.

Niki Lowry will launch Hound Paint Co., an online paint brand that will sell direct to consumers next month.

The company will be based in Manchester, in the same building as ChemCove Consulting, a paint development and formulation company that Lowry launched in 2018 after a decade of working in the industry.

The Hound concept has been on Lowry’s mind for a few years as she operated Chem Cove, which will supply the paint for her new business.

“I really wanted to bring my own brand of paint to market with an older, nostalgic-feeling brand, but with newer tools like technology, e-commerce, and direct-to-consumer shipping,” said Lowry.

Hound will target local DIYers and contractors with its own line of potato-based resin-based paints designed to be eco-friendly. It will initially offer 100 interior paint colors in addition to the primer and finish paints. In the fall, the company plans to offer exterior paints.

The paint will sell for between $ 40 and $ 50 per gallon. The company also plans to sell third-party painting supplies such as rollers, brushes, and paint trays.

Lowry said Hound will initially focus on online sales and offer local pickup at its 4,400 square foot space at 215 W. Seventh St. He may look for a physical store in the future, she said. .

“Right now we just want to release our product,” she said.

Hound has a team of five, including her co-owner and husband Brandon, who has a background in computer science and works for Hound full-time.

Hound is marketing itself through social media, industry contacts, and cold calls to entrepreneurs in the run-up to launch. The company has also been able to generate buzz through an online painting name contest.

Lowry said his industry contacts have helped Hound take shape, even amid the supply chain and hardware issues from the pandemic.

“Supplies are scarce and we are running out of totem pole because we don’t even have a product yet,” she said. “But I’ve been working with these vendors for many years, I’m so lucky to have a good relationship and to be able to pull some strings and ask for favors.”

Hound is one of several online retailers to have recently moved to Richmond.

Cazie Cooler recently launched its line of insulating liners for beer crates and housewares vendor Jolene was launched in early April.


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