Making furniture from olive seeds


Irene Moutsogianni and Chris Ververis are two young friends from Lesbos who make furniture from an original raw material: olive pits.

The couple are from Megalochori, a mountainous village located in the southern part of the island in the Aegean Sea, surrounded by lush green pine forests and well known around the world for its rugged, natural beauty.

When Irini and Christos decided to launch their own project, they named it “Koukos de Lab”, inspired by the Koukos mountain, on which their village was located.

“We were inspired by and named our laboratory after this precise mountain area, known for its dense flora and fauna as well as its excellent microclimate, which forms a unique ecosystem,” they explain.

In fact, the whole concept behind the business originated from the couple’s home island, Lesbos.

“Olive oil production is one of the main industries on the island. So we decided to add value and a new life cycle to this waste.

“The general idea was based on a broader philosophy that has existed in recent years with the creation of new sustainable materials using non-recyclable waste,” explain Irini and Christos.

“Lesvos has a total of 11 million olive trees, so we decided to experiment with a material in abundance, with what is left after the final crushing of the olive pit.”

Chris is an interior designer with a master’s degree in furniture design in England. Irini studied economics with a specialization in marketing and young entrepreneurship.

“Together, we combined our aesthetics and our ideas and created Koukos de Lab,” they say.

For Irini and Christos, the goal of their project is to identify their village with a new ecological and sustainable material for the creation of many and various useful objects, such as furniture, tiles, wall solutions and interior products. .

Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds

“Our new idea of ​​a new material derived from the final waste of the olive – a product that is found overwhelmingly in the Mediterranean where we are also located – is in fact our vision of an evolving world that seeks to rethink the living environments and the material we use in them, ”say Irini and Christos.

“It is not only crucial to reduce the environmental impact, but also to develop a whole new vision of what we call the natural mirror, a concept that brings elements of natural eco-waste into our homes through an approach of innovative, holistic and experiential design. “

Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds

By transforming olive pits into a new versatile and sustainable eco-friendly material that can be used to make furniture, Irini and Chrstos are tackling the problem of using green waste – extending the life cycle of the olive seed. to make it something precious.

“Our aim is to identify Lesbos with our new eco-friendly material and to inspire and encourage others to implement their ideas as we have decided to do,” say the young entrepreneurs.

“Our idea was formed in the summer of 2020 and by November of the same year we had already started experimenting and testing various techniques so that we could build our new material.”

Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds
Chris Ververis
Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds
Irene Moutsogianni

The starting point for the application of the duo’s new eco-material will be a traditional bench that was once seen all over the island but which is no longer as commonly found.

“We are going to revive this traditional piece with contemporary design elements and possibly manufacture it with the new eco-material, the olive kernel,” they explain.

“In the future we would like to produce new objects which we have studied recently and as soon as this is implemented we will move on to ideas for new materials.

Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seedsKoukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds

“We would like to convince the market that our material could be adopted in many other applications. “

The eco-material koukoutsi (olive kernel) enhances what we could call “bio-waste from the oil production process”, extending the life cycle of the olive seed and incorporating the motto of sustainability which is nothing more than ‘zero waste’.

Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds
Dark Olive Core
Koukos de Lab Mobilier olive seeds
The blond olive seed

“Our material has a story to tell, it reflects our thoughts, our origins, our roots and our aspiration for a better future. “

“We are friends and we are very happy that despite the different professional careers we have managed to find a common point of reference for our work.

“Our love for our island, Lesbos, gives us the strength to pursue our bold plan. “

And so it is in a time full of doubt and reassessment, a powerful message of certainty that combines the history of Lesvos with the global community’s need for a holistic design approach is conveyed from a point remote on the Greek Map to the whole world.

Lab Koukos olive seed coasters
A set of 4 coasters in the form of material samples Olive’s Blonde Pip and Olive’s Dark Core from Koukos de Lab

All photos courtesy of Koukos de Lab:

Koukos de Lab: Making Furniture from Olive Seeds 2

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