Maldon: “The District brand captures the essence of our region”


I FEEL very lucky and privileged to be the President of the Maldon District – because he has such a unique story to tell.

In the spring of 2015, Maldon District Council launched a project to develop a story and visual theme for the district.

To celebrate this history, the town hall, in collaboration with the local population, has helped to develop the brand image of the “Sense of Place” district, an immediately recognizable look for the Maldon district, with a strong identity.

Have you ever noticed the mark of the Maldon district?

The term “brand” refers to a business marketing concept that helps people identify a particular business, product, or location.

People often confuse brands with logos, slogans, or other recognizable marks, which are marketing tools that help promote goods or services, but brands are seen as one of the most important assets and most valuable of a business.

Although intangible, brands help to shape the perception that people have of a “product”, bringing value to a company or to an individual.

Likewise, the neighborhood brand Sense of Place provides a dynamic toolbox of assets, including a color palette, graphics, logos and photographs, all of which are available free of charge to businesses, stakeholders. and neighborhood-based groups.

Maldon District Council uses the toolkit alongside its own branding to recognize its belonging to this wonderful place.

It expresses our coastal connection, delights in our independent and timeless character, and expresses the gastronomic experience of the neighborhood.

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy food and drink in our award-winning restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars or in our award-winning wineries or breweries.

We have a diverse and exciting local history presented in our museums. Indeed, we can experience it for real by boarding a sailing barge on the Thames from our historic ports and docks.

A stroll through our historic maritime towns and traditional swamp villages, rich in heritage, quaint shops and hidden gems, allows you to dive into a thousand years of history in our museums and heritage centers.

So why not visit our shopping streets full of superb independent and eclectic boutiques, enough to fill many days of shopping therapy!

To celebrate your part of our local history, visit

Marc heard

Chairman of Maldon District Council

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