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The Mercedes Vision EQXX has officially raised the bar (again) for electric car range in 2022.

The “road-legal research prototype” – which is the marketing that speaks of a concept car – recently broke its own endurance record after covering 747 miles (1,202 km) on a single charge from Stuttgart to the circuit of Silverstone race in the UK.

The premium automaker previously squeezed a market-leading 1,008 km (626 miles) from its Vision EQXX electric vehicle (EV) on a two-day trip from Germany to France, but the car’s latest range record sets an even more impressive benchmark for Mercedes and other EV makers to aim for in the years to come.

The Vision EQXX has been unveiled for the first time at CES 2022 as a project designed to “explore new frontiers of efficiency” for Mercedes, but despite being a concept vehicle on paper, the car comes impressively close to a full-fledged production model.

Importantly, it features a scaled-down version of the battery found in the Mercedes EQS – one reduced in physical size and weight by 50% and 30%, respectively – which focuses on range over power.

Thus, the Vision EQXX can only muster a pointless A 0-62mph (0-100kph) acceleration time of 7 seconds and a top speed of around 87mph (140kph) – but its 1,200km range is twice that of the a Tesla Model S using the same amount of power.

Image of the Mercedes EQXX in flight

(Image credit: Mercedes)

We’ve spent some time this weekend with the new Mercedes EQXX, with a longer feature on how this new concept has emerged to come – but there’s a palpable sense within Mercedes of pride with distance. which he managed.

Impressively, the Vision EQXX’s most recent run was also run in much warmer conditions – around 30C – suggesting that a less demanding alternative route could have resulted in even greater range.

Although Mercedes isn’t releasing the EQXX as a production car anytime soon – telling TechRadar that making it production-ready would have taken years, where this project was conceived and launched in 18 months – consumers box expect a variation of its battery tech to feature in upcoming Mercedes EVs (and we’re pretty sure something resembling this hyper-efficient vehicle will hit the roads in the future).

In the short term, the automaker will add a bit more weight (read: horsepower) to the batteries of its upcoming production-ready models, although it’s a safe bet that the industry-leading range of the EQXX will remain at the forefront of Mercedes. think as it strives to go all-electric by 2030.


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