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Cape Coral, Florida, August 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – After the alien emergence of Dogecoin, Safemoon and of course the great Shiba Inu, thousands of new crypto projects have tried to capitalize on the movement but to no avail until ‘now. Welcome to the creation of the Mini Shiba Inu, the son of Shiba Inu.

Mini Shiba Inu launched less than a week ago on July 31, to commemorate the birthday of his father Shiba Inu which was exactly 1 year ago – to the day.

Launched as a secure binance smart chain token for investors, with built-in reflection reward tokenomics, it’s no wonder that Mini Shiba has broken all-time records for any previous binance smart chain launch. This highly anticipated project had over 2,500 investors in their telegram voice chat when it launched as thousands wanted to see the birth of the son of the “Dogecoin Killer”. The vision of the top-down team is that this is not your typical coin, it is designed for longevity and durability as it will eventually reach a market cap of $ 1 billion and beyond. . Not to mention that Mini Shiba Inu is managed by a fully doxxed marketing team, in order to ensure the confidence and security of its investors.

The Mini Shiba stigma was designed to be endearing and to appeal to all demographics and audiences. The team’s goal was to create a powerful logo and tell a Mini Shiba story so compelling that it attracts people and makes them want to be a part of this groundbreaking project. Throughout the story, Mini Shiba was the runt of the litter and got lost while battling the perilous dangers of the world. His lack of size is quickly redeemed by his fearlessness and determination. As a result, from young to old, the story of Mini Shiba Inu is a tale you can support as the community seeks to reunite him in his mission on the moon to be with his father Shiba Inu (SHIB). The younger generations of the world, who have already been drawn into the success story of Shiba Inu, will undoubtedly be drawn to the dawn created by Mini Shiba Inu.

Due to the developers’ deep admiration for the original Shiba Inu brand and community, their goal was not to compete, but preferably to complement the current Shiba brand. Mini Shiba will follow in his father’s footsteps and be another flourishing part of Shiba’s story chapter. Management has always been to appeal to current investors as another great asset of Shiba Inu to invest in. The team also mentioned in their last AMA that their belief in community cognition is essential in order to make the Mini Shiba Inu project a monumental success.

To their gratitude, this team is touting sensational results already in the short time since their launch. It’s not even been a week and the project has a very active community of almost 30,000 telegram members and already has nearly 20,000 registered holders. Therefore, their loyal investor base has grown stronger every day as the story of Mini Shiba Inu more and more attracts the hearts of investors.

The most obvious question to ask, then, is what sets Mini Shiba apart from other meme tokens? The lead developer’s response to this question was: “The story of Mini Shiba gives the holders something more to bond with emotionally. It feels like a part of something bigger than the coin. of typical coins … And our team is second none. In addition, we have a huge marketing portfolio (currently $ 300,000 and growing), well above the average for typical coins. market this hard but effectively because we use a combination of algorithms to find the most cost effective = efficient methods that produce the best results for our community. We believe that many projects fail on this point and we strive to deliver in such a way. that our investors see a healthy increase in the chart.In the end, Mini Shiba Inu will be delivering a social phenomenon that smart chain investors bin ance and the rest of the world have yet to see. “

Another distinctive asset of holding Mini Shiba is its unique tokenomic, with a total of one quadrillion, of which 5% is burnt on launch. Integrated with 18% purchase tax and 12% sales tax, which encourages investors to keep invested tokens so the investment can continue to grow with a constant stream of reflective rewards. With a 2% buy think and 7% sell think, that ultimately translates into the more Mini Shiba tokens you hold, the bigger the think rewards. Finally, with 4% for marketing and the charity wallet, and with a 6% purchase tax and 7% sales tax going directly to the unique ShibaBoost protocol, a truly unprecedented buy-back mechanism designed to deliver a system automated. This buyback ensures that the team does not have to manually adjust buybacks, essentially ensuring a wrinkle-free process every time. The Mini Shiba team already has nearly $ 250,000 in buyout money ready and is waiting to break the open market anytime!

A huge milestone will come for Mini Shiba Inu holders when the market cap surpasses the billion mark in the form of an animated film. It will be a high quality produced film about the life of Mini Shiba Inu, the son of Shiba Inu. Several of the major coins will be showing in the movie, such as DogeCoin, Baby Doge and Safemoon. This will be the very first film of its kind and everything will focus on the Mini Shiba Inu brand. In-film mentions of Elon, Space X, and the famous Falcon 9 rocket are used throughout the film. Great Hollywood writers and producers are actively involved in this project, as the Mini Shiba Inu team know it is only a matter of time before the billion dollar market cap becomes reality. After the movie is released, there will be merchandise and accessories such as Mini Shiba children’s clothing, backpacks, shoes, toys and more!

The iconic position that the Mini Shiba Inu seizes as a project in the entire cryptocurrency community is that they are able to refer exclusively to themselves as the only son of Shiba Inu. As a team, the Mini Shiba Inu follows this model to be able to become prodigious just like their father. Since Mini Shiba Inu took this awesome position to be part of the Shiba Inu family, no other room, regardless of the use case, can take that away from them. Mini Shiba Inu has the DNA of his father Shiba Inu and this is deeply rooted in the project. This DNA provides the Mini Shiba team with a formula to reproduce in order to obtain the same traction as the Shiba Inu project. And based on community reaction, the Mini Shiba team intends to represent and fill the position of Shiba Inu. This is where the old expression comes into play, “like father … like son”.

Join the Mini Shiba Inu, launched on the same day (July 31) as his father Shiba Inu a year earlier. For more information, head over to the Telegrams page (link below) and access their 24 hour voice chat for any questions.

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