Mitolo partners with Radford Software


NOTew Radford Software, based in Zeeland, will support an operations transformation at Mitolo Family Farms.

Radfords will provide specific operational platforms to update the Australian fresh produce company’s current manual systems and processes, from farm management and product traceability to sales and marketing to business reporting. and planning.

Based in South Australia, Mitolo is Australia’s largest potato and onion processor and packer.

The fully integrated company – which encompasses the development, cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution of seeds – sought a software systems partner to better integrate all aspects of its business as it prepares to serve more customers and new markets.

“For Mitolo, choosing Radfords as the primary implementation partner for our new ERP system became evident throughout the selection process,” said Sue Edwards, Commercial Director of Mitolo Family Farms. “The product will provide a relatively ready-to-use fresh produce solution for our fairly complex application requirements, from seed cultivation to shipping.

“In addition to the solution, what set Radfords apart was their practical and local knowledge of fresh produce and a genuine willingness to help us make our project a success. To this day as we move forward with the detailed design it has not faltered and we have a high level of confidence in the Radfords team. “

Mitolo will integrate FreshPack, Radfords’ leading inventory tracking and management solution. It will also adopt Radfords’ FreshGrow and FreshQuality platforms, as well as its data warehousing and business intelligence tool, FreshInsights.

FreshGrow is Radfords’ end-to-end management solution, designed to streamline day-to-day operations on farms and orchards, ensuring input and resource data is captured and kept in one place.

FreshQuality simplifies the process of quality control and recording of product quality assessments, capturing test results throughout the supply chain.

“The onboarding of a client of Mitolo’s caliber strengthens our international growth strategy as we continue to focus on building client relationships across Australia and into the North American market,” said Adam Cuming , Managing Director of Radford Software.

“The partnership developed during the global pandemic which continues to present logistical challenges. However, we are proud to have gained Mitolo’s confidence over the past 12 months in the constraints of the pandemic, without having set foot on the farm. “


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