New Pokémon Go Developer Diaries Discuss Seasonal Content Creation, Storytelling, and the Game’s Future


Continuing the company’s approach to keeping players up to date with development, Niantic released a new set of development journals for December focusing on the development team’s approach to building the Heritage Season in Pokémon Go.

The Dev Diaries focused on everything from developing the ideas and content that each makes up Pokémon Go seasons, including logo design, story creation, and even how it will impact the future of the game itself.

With each new season of content, the Niantic team needs to make sure they craft a somewhat tight narrative that can span months and events. It usually turns into a big event at the end of a season that combines new mechanics, Pokémon, and more that were introduced during that same season.

When planning, developers draw inspiration from past events and current content to ensure that each season stands out from old iterations. This led to more of the Season of Mischief ending being taken from the narrative side and tying more elements from others.

“We’ve found building from a central theme to be a really fruitful approach, so it’s something we want to continue to do through Heritage Season and beyond,” game designer Niantic said. , Dan Thomas. “This season will take trainers through events that draw inspiration from several emblematic places in the world of Pokemon, to really explore the concept of “heritage”. For example, our first major event of the season was inspired by the Dragonspiral Tower, the oldest tower in the Unova region seen in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version! “

For Heritage Season, the use of mountains, caves, and ancient history is a central theme, and the developers plan to use it even more in the coming months.

The one-season narrative now means more to developers than before, and the introduction of Hoopa slowly over the course of Go Fest 2021 and the end of its history during the season of mischief opened up new avenues for them.

While talking about the development of a season’s story, several members of the Niantic team mentioned how eager they were to build this story “around this concept of heritage” using the historic site, the gate. mystery and the continuing research of Professor Willow.

“By using a common thread across the game and our marketing, we could connect some of the in-game events happening during the season,” several Niantic developers said. “With Heritage Season and future seasons, we would like to continue experimenting and developing storytelling through different forms of media in order to elevate the concept of seasons and provide another way for our trainers to engage with. Pokémon Go. ”

Niantic’s director of live games, Michael Steranka, also mentioned that the seasonal themes and storylines in Pokémon Go will likely serve as focal points for in-game events, social content, and more.

This does not mean that seasonal content will be the only type of content included in Pokémon Go from now on, but bigger events and activations will likely tie into the larger narrative in some way or another. Niantic has already started implementing this idea in ongoing events, with the upcoming New Years 2022 event including a small mention of Heritage Season.

The developers also use the seasons as set points to evaluate and re-evaluate the elements of Pokémon Go to make sure the game is constantly improving. This includes content focused on ranged play like increased Incense efficiency while Stopping, increased Ranged Raid damage, and more that are constantly talked about when it comes to promotion balancing. in person and providing players with a safe way to play.

You can read the full set of December Dev Diaries on the official website. Pokémon Go Blog.


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