Oracle Automates Tasks Salespeople Despise With Next-Gen CRM


Oracle Fusion Sales provides sellers with AI-powered recommendations and guided steps to close deals faster

AUSTIN, TX, July 262022 /PRNewswire/ — Oracle today announced the next generation of Oracle Fusion Sales, a sales automation application that identifies high-quality sales opportunities and helps salespeople close deals faster. Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud (CX) Customer Experience and powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Fusion Sales automatically provides sellers with quotes, proposals, and recommended steps to help them increase productivity, close more deals, and inspire buyer confidence.

Nearly a third of salespeople struggle to close deals and meet quotas, according to a recent study conducted by CRM analyst firm Beagle Research Group in partnership with Oracle. The study, “Does your CRM leave money on the table“, highlights the difficulties sellers face with customer churn and archaic sales processes. In turn, sellers noted that they are open to more automation and trust the AI to take on greater responsibilities, including qualifying leads (70%), identifying priority deals (60%), and tracking deal progress (80%).

“Traditional CRM systems were designed to be a system of record for planning and forecasting rather than a tool to help salespeople sell more. As a result, salespeople spend countless hours on inputting and data administration, which slows sales productivity,” said Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX). “Applying over 40 years of data and business process expertise, we’ve done the heavy lifting to design the next era of CRM. Oracle Fusion Sales removes manual steps from the B2B sales process to help sellers close more deals faster and more efficiently.”

Oracle Fusion Sales offers salespeople:

  • Guided step-by-step processes: Sellers can onboard faster and improve productivity with a step-by-step guided process to help engage with accounts, advance opportunities, and close deals faster. Customers can choose to base processes on management-defined best practices or on customizable, industry-specific templates.
  • Conversation Opportunities: Salespeople can automate the process of requalifying and converting marketing leads into opportunities. Connected to Oracle Fusion Marketing, Fusion Sales automatically creates highly qualified leads, then forwards them to salespeople for follow-up.
  • Automated quotes and proposals: Salespeople automatically receive initial quotes, proposals, and implementation schedules when opportunities are created. Quotes are automatically updated throughout the sales process as a deal progresses and are based on historical data that includes previous successful deals, a customer’s industry and other account attributes.
  • Smart content recommendations: Sellers can automatically receive marketing-approved content that is most likely to drive the sale. It saves sellers and buyers time at every stage of the sales process and puts the right offers and answers to frequently asked questions directly in the hands of the seller.
  • Digital auction rooms: Sellers can improve the shopping experience and better engage buyers by creating personalized microsites. Useful resources such as quotes, past contracts, reference stories, and details of past or upcoming Zoom meetings are grouped together to help buyers get closer to a buying decision. When buyers use digital salesrooms, sales operations can capture buying signals and other customer engagement data that can inform internal sales insights, training and enablement, and drive customer engagement. success of future transactions.
  • Advanced Revenue Intelligence: Sales managers can easily access and report on business trends, spot outliers, and monitor customer sentiment and sales performance with Oracle Fusion CX Analytics. Fusion Sales provides a complete view of the entire business by allowing data to be extracted from sales, marketing, service, finance and HR, all without the assistance of IT.

What Customers and Partners Say About Fusion Sales

“CRM is an integral tool, especially since we sell complex and expensive equipment and software solutions in 180 countries around the world. We used to gather sales information from a range of “apps, Excel spreadsheets and post-it notes. It was not an efficient process,” said Samantha Mohr, Vice President, Inside Sales, Ricoh. “Oracle Fusion Sales provides our salespeople with a guided experience that focuses their time and improves deal success by providing better insights to help us adapt faster to changing market conditions.”

“Our customers are always looking for new approaches that drive real value and inspire buyer confidence. Oracle Fusion Sales helps solve important challenges in the B2B sales environment with a borderless, adaptable, and radically human architecture,” said Andrea Cesarini, Europe Oracle business group leader, Accenture. “In partnership for more than 30 years now, Accenture and Oracle bring our mutual clients an unparalleled sense of innovation, industry and technology.”

To learn more, tune in to Oracle Live at July 26, 2022here.

Part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Application Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud (CX) Customer Experience connects data between advertising, marketing, sales and service to make every customer interaction count. Beyond traditional CRM, learn how Oracle Advertising and CX help companies improve customer experience and build brand loyalty.

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