“Our commitment to achieving technological breakthroughs to help orthodontists and provide the best care to their patients has never wavered. Offering the first and only repositionable hook on the market today, we are thrilled to give our doctors a another weapon in their arsenal. The Ultima hook’s advanced design simplifies the treatment process for our orthodontists,” said Joe Glauberman, senior global product manager of Ormco. “These pre-installed hooks on Damon™ and Ultima™ archwires can be easily placed, saving physicians on their investment through efficiencies,” he continued.

The Ultima Hook is the latest advancement in the Damon Ultima™ System, presented by a world leader in orthodontics with 60 years of innovation and over 20 million smiles created. The snap hooks are placed on the arch in the mouth and can be placed flush with the bracket. A support instrument is provided to move the hook along the wire, the only hook designed for the Damon Ultima System Wire. With the unique design of the Damon Ultima System, orthodontists now have more precise control to move teeth more efficiently with fewer forces for faster finishing times and better overall patient comfort.

“I am delighted with the design and performance of the hook and the instrument allowing it to simply slide into place on the pre-placed wire. The first time I used the new hook system I was amazed by precise and safe positioning and repositioning capabilities,” says Dr. Stuart Frost. “Not only am I saving on inventory space, but the added value is incredible as the hook can be repositioned up to three times. With pre-placement of the hook and all patient-controlled elastic procedures, the appointment time for me and staff is significantly reduced which has saved my practice revenue,” he continued.

To learn more about the Ultima Hook, please visit: https://ormco.com/products/ultima-hook/.

About Ormco

Ormco, headquartered in Brea, California., is a global leader and innovator of orthodontic products and solutions to help improve the lives of its customers and their patients. For 60 years, Ormco has partnered with the orthodontic community to help create over 20 million smiles in over 140 countries. Distinguished products range from twin brackets (Symetri™ Clear, Titanium Orthos™ and Mini Diamond™) to pioneering self-ligating appliances with the Damon™ system (including the Damon Ultima™ system and Damon™ Clear2). The Spark™ Clear Aligner System is designed to meet the needs of the orthodontist with TruGEN™ material and 3D Approver software. Ormco’s Insignia™ Advanced Smile Design™ provides an all-inclusive custom indirect bonding solution for efficiency through customization. From personalized service to professional training programs and marketing support, Ormco is committed to helping orthodontists achieve their clinical and practice management goals. Log in to Facebook at www.facebook.com/myormco and LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/ormco.


Envista is a global family of more than 30 trusted dental brands, including Nobel Biocare, Ormco, DEXIS and Kerr, united by a common goal: to partner with professionals to improve lives. Envista helps its customers provide the best possible patient care through leading dental consumables, solutions, technologies and services. Our comprehensive portfolio, including dental implants and treatment options, orthodontics and digital imaging technologies, covers a wide range of dentists’ clinical needs for diagnosing, treating and preventing dental conditions as well as improving aesthetics. human smile. With a foundation comprised of the proven Envista Business System (EBS) methodology, an experienced management team and a strong culture built on continuous improvement, commitment to innovation and a deep customer focus, Envista is well equipped to meet end-to-end needs. needs of dental professionals around the world. Envista is one of the world’s largest dental products companies, with significant market positions in some of the most attractive segments of the dental products industry. For more information, please visit www.envistaco.com.

Opinions expressed are those of Dr. Frost as a paid consultant to Ormco. Ormco is a manufacturer of medical devices and does not provide medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients. Individual patient results may vary. Data archived by Ormco.

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