Pro tips: Snapchat shares insight on the platform’s top marketing approaches and trends driving results


While TikTok may have taken on its role as the cool kid on the social media block, Snapchat has established itself as a key connection platform for many users, with the emphasis on privacy and content being placed on it. the app helping them carve out a place in the social media landscape, and succeed where many others have failed.

Snapchat is having particularly strong success in driving audience engagement and creating a platform that aligns with modern approaches to community building. Users looking for smaller, more private groups, where content won’t necessarily stick around to haunt them, have formed strong bonds within the app, as younger audiences continue to download the app on a large scale. number, as they seek a space to share more intimate engagement, or catch up on the platform’s growing library of Discover shows.

Indeed, according to Break, he now reaches 75% of Millennials and Gen Z users, while Snapchat users also spend over 30 minutes per day in the app, on average.

These are impressive numbers, and while it may not have the reach of Facebook, it arguably has more resonance and influence with those who engage through Snap.

Which also presents an opportunity, and if you’re looking to leverage Snapchat for your marketing efforts and build your brand with a younger audience, these tips will help. We recently spoke to THEuke kallis, Snap’s vice president of advertiser solutions in the United States, for his take on the latest trends he’s seeing, as well as examples of how marketers are driving results with the Snapchat audience.

Question: Which advertising / promotional items are getting the best response on Snapchat right now?

LK: Ads on Snapchat work well across the entire marketing funnel, and Snap offers a wide range of goals, bidding options, and end results for ad optimization – from brand awareness and shares on clicks, visits, purchases, etc.

Snap’s advanced measurement, reporting and optimization capabilities have been the cornerstone of the advertising platform, helping marketers optimize campaigns for the best possible results. From brand marketers looking to drive brand awareness at the top of the funnel to performance marketers looking for conversions, advertising on Snapchat is a compelling way to achieve any goal.

We also believe that for advertisers of all sizes, looking for any purpose, there is deep, long-term value in reaching our 13-34 year old audience. This audience is passionate and engaged, and many are at an age where they are starting to build brand loyalty as they move through the big stages of their lives.

Our community opens the Snapchat app 30 times a day on average and globally, the Snapchat generation holds over $ 4.4 trillion in purchasing power. Overall, these considerations are the source of the best results for the app today.

Question: What’s the key to an effective Snapchat marketing strategy?

LC: We find that Snapchat marketing is most effective when brands leverage multiple advertising products that are tied to a defined advertising goal.

For example, for brands looking to increase awareness, a great way to achieve this goal is to combine an AR goal with instant ads and / or advertisements (video ads). This type of multi-product execution tends to achieve stronger overall results than any individual ad format taken in isolation.

Q: What’s the most common mistake brands make with their Snapchat approach?

LK: While AR lenses are often seen as a great short-term activation to build brand awareness, some overlook the long-term brand value of AR tools.

A lot of brands are actually doing what we call “always-on AR”, where they keep AR Lens campaigns going beyond a single moment, and those campaigns are getting really positive results.

We all know AR stands for ‘Augmented Reality’, but at Snap we think it also stands for ‘Extra Reach’ and ‘Accelerated Results’. When added to a Snap Ad campaign, AR reaches a 31% increment of our camera-using audience.

Similar to a Super Bowl ad, the lenses work well for both one-off and one-time moments and drive high impact funnel results when executed continuously as part of the Snapchat multi-product ad strategy. larger than a brand.

Examples of Snapchat AR ads

Question: What’s a good example of a brand doing well with Snapchat marketing?

LK: Achieving effective and impactful results for our partner brands is a key part of Snapchat’s value proposition and we’ve seen many great examples of brands driving success on the platform.

A few of them include:

  • Direct Smile Club leveraged our goal-based bidding (GBB) click-through optimization for AR, which generated 49% of Snap’s customer leads in Q2 and was the most effective ad block in driving traffic for their company compared to other social channels. The success of the lens ultimately encouraged Smile Direct Club to include AR lenses as part of its long-term business strategy.
  • DAZN launched a cross-product campaign that used AR lenses, Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Ads to promote its live sports channels, app installations, and subscriptions to its streaming service. DAZN took advantage of our new GBB app install optimization for AR, which not only generated incremental installs, but also reached millions of unique Snapchatters. The overall campaign resulted in an increase in installs and subscriptions, and attracted more Snapchatters to its platform.
  • used a strategy that used dynamic ads to reach new customers on Snapchat. Using our dynamic travel ad solution, they were able to pull images directly from their product catalog that displayed relevant and visually appealing photos and destination features. This helped unlock an additional audience in the US, which led to a positive increase in bookings on its website and app, and resulted in an approximately 36% lower cost per additional booking (CPIB). to its goal.

Q: What would be your best advice for someone new to Snapchat marketing?

LK: Our self-service advertising platform makes it incredibly quick and easy to start advertising on Snapchat. We offer a wide variety of tools to help businesses of all sizes create compelling and creative advertisements, even for augmented reality lenses which all deliver proven business results.

You can learn more about the different Snapchat advertising tools and options. here.


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