Promoting cycling at the Bells | Opinion



Reading some of the proposed solutions for Maroon Bells Road to accommodate bikers and buses, I think the County Commissioners and Forest Service have it upside down. We should focus on promoting more cyclists (there are also lots of walkers, rollerbladers and cross-country skiers on roller skis) and limit the number of buses. There are so many reasons to restrict bus times so that everyone else can enjoy the road without worrying about big buses arriving at random times, not to mention the carbon emissions the buses release. If the general intent is to provide a bus ride to promote tourism, I seriously doubt anyone wouldn’t come to Aspen if they couldn’t get a bus to the Bells right away, so restrict that service would get them to ride a bike, which would be awesome, or work with a limited bus schedule which is a reservation system and not having a biker reservation system. From a business perspective, it would make more sense to not subsidize a bus service and allow bike shops to rent bikes and generate revenue for the shops and sales taxes for the city. Not to mention how healthier it is for all of us to cycle or walk. It would be nice to close the road to vehicles one day a week to take advantage of the bells.

Ernie Fyrwald



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