Reasons for the growing popularity of agile marketing


One of the major foundations of agile marketing is having real-time data and being able to analyze it. It’s a strategy that focuses on making data-driven decisions, and businesses that hope to thrive in the post-Covid era will want to make sure they do it right..

Frémont, California: The rise of agile marketing has been one of the biggest marketing trends this year. Most of the increase is due to a decrease in the number of marketers who identify with the traditional paradigm of cascading marketing management. Here are five reasons why agile marketing is becoming more and more popular:

The omnipresence of agility

Beyond the IT team, the test, learn, improve paradigm has become well established and widely recognized. Organizations can make changes and amendments to marketing campaigns and processes using this model, allowing them to optimize data-driven activities and encourage continuous improvement – another reason we believe companies will scale up. agile methods to their marketing function.

Pandemic panic

Last year, the Covid had a significant impact on our personal and professional lives. Businesses have had to deal with turbulence, unpredictability and an ever-changing environment. As a result, even the biggest marketing strategies were quickly tossed out the window as many companies entered crisis mode. Adopting an agile marketing approach, where marketing teams can adapt quickly to changing circumstances, has become more vital than ever under these circumstances.

Need of speed

The fundamental ingredients of business success are doing things faster and better than your competition. Businesses are realizing that adopting agile marketing methods can dramatically reduce time to market. Getting these innovative, data-driven marketing efforts to market as soon as possible gives you a competitive advantage.

Data is king

Almost everything we do online is tracked these days, and businesses are set up to collect large amounts of data on their customers and prospects. Companies that can collect, understand and use this data effectively will gain a competitive advantage. Data and agile marketing are inextricably linked.


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