Results Are Not Creative Outlook Patch Logos, Says Founder


Patch is a creative agency that focuses on lead generation rather than branding. Tell us about it?

My background is in the sale and advice of real estate projects, and understanding the key buyer demographics on each project is crucial to ensuring the success of a project.

Qualified buyers match transactions. Make no mistake: creating sexy, edgy logos and branding is essential, but at the same time, the shelf life of these brands is short in the grand scheme of things.

My approach to projects is to generate qualified leads that stay on budget while creating good news for the developer’s brand.

Developer brands are becoming more and more relevant, more than project brands, and are a key part in a buyer’s decision-making process. “Who is the developer? Is a question that arises more and more.

From day one, I have been focused on making my clients successful, which translates into sales. When I say cut-through I mean formulating a skilled marketing strategy and creating cool, relevant creative content that helps the designated sales team establish a high sales rate early on and throughout the life of the project. .

Each project is unique, with a different set of requirements. Understanding the overall marketing budget is crucial for my team to build campaigns throughout the life of the project in an ever-changing market.

What do you mean by “cool and relevant content”?

A good example is a recent video we created for a teaser campaign: Our client wanted to go to market with a soft launch before producing our first set of CGIs. My team and I sat down and worked on the two coolest parts of the project. Views and study spaces. Bingo. We thought, let’s bring them to life without focusing on the product. Our work from the beach at home teaser video was created from that concept and we had an incredibly successful response to it.

What are the projects you have worked on?

Patch launched a little less than 12 months ago. Our first project was a land estate that we generated enough qualified leads to sell during the teaser campaign. We have worked on a few boutique projects in West Sydney and are currently working on Central Coast Quarter, a multi-story mixed-use project in Gosford. The next six months will focus on a large planned estate in Victoria and the launch of two boutique residential projects on Sydney’s Lower North Shore as well as two other land estates in NSW.


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