SAIC teams up to promote vagrant ammunition and underwater communication system

The UVision Hero 400-EC stray munition, which SAIC is helping to develop to meet US Navy requirements. LISA NIPP

NATIONAL HARBOUR, Md. – SAIC (Booth 801) is working with partners on weapon systems it believes are of great interest to the U.S. Navy and other militaries: trailing ammunition, such as those that have seen action in Ukraine, and an underwater communication system flexible enough to allow divers to control unmanned aircraft.

One is the Hero 400-EC long-endurance ammunition system, originally developed by UVision of Israel. The cartridge-launched system could carry a variety of payloads, including ammunition, and has a range of up to two hours.

“We help them bring technology overseas that maybe meets the requirements of the DoD, and we take that technology, Americanize it and then offer it to the DoD to meet their needs,” said Bob Carruthers, vice president of SAIC’s Charleston Naval Business Unit in North Carolina.

UVision won a contract with the Marine Corps for a smaller version of the Hero. The Navy is developing requirements for greater vagrant ammunition for use on ships such as destroyers and cruisers, which the 400 could contend for, Carruthers said.

On the submarine side, SAIC is working with Mistral Inc. on the C-Master MKII and Orca, “a secret undersea communications system,” said Peter J. Brown of Industrial Manufacturing and Systems Engineering. SAIC.

Up to 15 divers could share their locations and communicate underwater using the system’s small antenna, and could even launch small unmanned aircraft and control drones or ordnance lying around underwater without the the antenna does not have to pierce the surface.

“You can see 15 other divers on this screen, up to 3 kilometers away, underwater, using low probability of intercept acoustic signatures, and at the same time you can potentially control a UAV, get the feeding and controlling a terminal munition,” Carruthers said. .

Brown said the system had been tested in prototype form with other navies and US SEALs had also reviewed it and provided feedback.


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