Shimadzu Medical Systems Announces Release of New Angiography System at SIR 2022


New Trinias system uses AI deep learning technology to improve medical device visibility while using 40% or more less*2 X-ray dose than previous models. This is the first time that AI has been integrated into the image processing engine of an angiography system.

The new Trinias system also offers a comprehensive new set of features to simplify workflow, enabling more efficient clinical operation in any medical environment. With the launch of a subscription service that ensures software can always be updated to the current version, the new Trinias system offers a durable product designed for long-term use.

  • *1 Among the image processing engines of angiography systems marketed from the March 2022 (based on research by Shimadzu)
  • *2 Comparison with our conventional system under standard dose ratio (Air Kerma) at 7.5 pps and 10 pps.

Angiography systems are used to perform angiographic exams, where the doctor inserts a catheter (small tube) through a blood vessel in the patient’s wrist or inguinal region to a specific site (in the heart, head , liver, lungs, etc.) and observe an area of ​​disease or concern, and to perform catheterization procedures, where a therapeutic device is inserted into the patient and used to dilate blood vessels or perform other procedures interventional.

Medical facilities are increasingly using angiography systems at low levels of radiation to reduce x-ray doses, but low levels of radiation also result in x-ray noise that reduces the visibility of the device. To support low-dose operation of angiography systems by medical institutions and ever-smaller therapeutic devices that reduce patient burden, Shimadzu has developed SCORE™ Opera, a new image processing technology that uses ‘AI to ensure the safety of catheterization procedures even at low doses of radiation.

Our new concept is based on three important design principles, and it is developed to provide solutions to your toughest problems in today’s healthcare workplace.

Alara Design

Lightweight design

Sustainable design

Workplace challenge: “I want to see images more clearly but also reduce dose levels.”

Workplace challenge: “How can I perform routine tasks more efficiently?” »

Workplace challenge: “To better care for my patients, I would always prefer to use the latest technologies.”

Shimadzu Solution: Improve the quality of medical care while fully protecting the health of medical staff and patients

Shimadzu Solution: Provide stress-free operation and workflow for medical workers involved in a race where every minute and second counts

Shimadzu Solution: Always provide a state-of-the-art medical environment without compromising user satisfaction after the introduction of a new system

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