SINBON Electronics: Implementation of ESG and creation of the Sustainable Development Strategy division


Due to the global upward trend in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), each sector is gradually paying attention to the financial and sustainability performance of companies. In response to the needs of the time, SINBON also followed the trend of gradually developing our “Go Green” operational guideline since 2007. Then, SINBON explicitly focused its scope of activity on MAGIC transversality in 2012. Concerted efforts of the group, SINBON is committed to the concept of environmental, social and corporate governance in our rapid growth.

Based on the concept of sustainability operation, SINBON established the Sustainability Strategy Division, with Lily Huang, the former Director of Strategy Marketing Division, serving as Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO). The “Office of Sustainable Development” has been created as a dedicated management unit, which will integrate closely with the basic strategies of SINBON operations, coordinate and promote the sustainable development guidelines to enable all employees of the SINBON group to have more CSR practices and participation.

“We have made strategic and organizational adjustments in a flexible, resilient and rapid manner with the aim of fully adapting to changes in the world,” said Joseph Wang, President and CEO of SINBON. At this time, we are ready to face the global Race to Zero competition through a dedicated unit under the leadership of the CSO of the Sustainability Strategy division and a subcommittee of the Sustainability Committee led by the supervisors of first level, which will operate in a vertical and horizontal transversal manner based on their professionalism and years of experience, fully demonstrating SINBON’s systematic long-term practices of the “talent-based” concept and the “Transformation of the Company” program. generation ”for the cultivation of talents to extend the reach of the sustainability mindset to all areas of the group.

Lily Huang, CSO of Sustainability Strategy Division, has joined SINBON since 1997. Lily Huang has worked in Customer Service, Strategic Marketing Division, etc., and has long been involved in the design and production of electronic components with In-depth knowledge of market changes in the industry and has strong and mature communication and coordination skills. In the future, thanks to the functioning of the sustainable development committee, SINBON will define a master plan of medium and long-term sustainable development strategy of “Go Green” which is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in focusing on corporate governance, digital transformation, green products, environmental sustainability and employee care and culture to continue to strengthen the functioning of the company.

SINBON will join with our supply chain partners, community and other stakeholders to achieve the sustainability and expectations of a century-old company, and to further extend the development momentum to all levels in the aim to actively exert the positive influence of SINBON on the industry value chain.


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