Smith+Nephew launches clinical support app to help reduce practice variation in wound care


“There is an urgent need and opportunity to reduce variation to improve patient outcomes” – World Union of Wound Healing Societies.1

“Practice variation has been shown to negatively impact clinical outcomes in patients with chronic wounds,” said Claudia Matei, marketing director for digital health and value-based programs at Smith+Nephew. “Increasingly, we are seeing uninjured specialists managing chronic wounds. With limited training and experience in wound care, this has contributed to significant challenges with practice variation.”2

We developed the WOUND COMPASS clinical support app to help improve nurses’ confidence when assessing and treating wounds,*3 and to provide specialist nurses with assurance that their form is being followed.3

This simple and easy to use application3 categorizes wounds by location on the body, type of wound, appearance of wound, volume of exudate, and depth of wound. Based on this information, this digital health solution provides advice on treatment, products and when to see a specialist. The tips are accompanied by additional educational resources, pictures and diagrams to help with decision-making when treating wounds. The application can also be customized according to the local customer form.

The WOUND COMPASS clinical support app has been tested and validated with over 70 clinicians through over 400 assessments. 83% of non-wound specialists agreed that using the app made wound assessment easier† and the app was recommended by 100% of wound specialists (n=7).3

Clinicians should contact their local Smith+Nephew representative to learn how to implement and customize the WOUND COMPASS Clinic Assist app to suit their form, or to learn more, visit: The app works on Apple and Android devices.

*As rated by 58/71 clinicians who assessed self-confidence
As rated by 59/71 clinicians deemed easier to assess

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