Sorare: dabbling in the market


Welcome to week 2 of my Sorare trip. If you missed the initial piece, please catch up by checking out Intro to Sorare: An MLB NFT Game.

In short, the way to profit is by accumulating excess talent at a position and selling a card (NFT). The main way to accumulate excesses is to acquire players’ cards before they become better players. This can be done by buying cards from players who are believed to be on their way to bigger and better things, as well as succeeding in weekly tournaments and hopefully receiving a card from a rising star .

This is going to be my goal, and I hope my expertise will be useful. Of course, getting to know the nuances of the game will be integral, but a good old-fashioned baseball wit will be key. While my goal in playing the game is to add a few shekels to my wallet, my goal with readers is to share some thoughts on player ratings along with learning how to play a game better. After all , regardless of platform, we’re all basically playing a game, and learning the process for navigating a game is important, even if we play different games.

As for my Sorare journey, I’ve played in two tournaments since the roster was revealed last week. Considering I’m in a pool with thousands of others who have been playing all summer, my expectations were low. Namely, in the September 19-22 tournament, I finished 25,659 out of 28,956. Not great, Bob.

Even so, I received another card for my efforts. Welcome aboard, Chris Stratton! Earlier in the week, Ramon Urias was added to my collection. As you can see, while I might stumble upon a chance card, buying newcomers is the more prudent approach.

That said, there are only a few tournaments left, so I don’t want to invest too much. However, there are some obvious weak points in my range, so it seems like a good idea to check out what’s available on the Sorare market.

I’m primarily looking for an infield midfielder, outfielder and reliever, with the outfield as my main target. I have Luis Garcia from Nationals in the middle, and he has a chance to develop (that’s all I can hope for at this point). Giovanny Gallegos will get me through the season as a reliever, and it’s the easiest position to restock on the fly. Currently, I have a choice of outfielders Bubba Thompson, Victor Reyes, and Charlie Culberson. I use Thompson, but something tells me the more competitive clubs have better options.

While I don’t want to get too caught up in the financial aspect, sharing some prices helps put things into perspective. Currently, there is a Mike Trout card with a high bid of $230. Randy Arozarena is just over $19. Jake McCarthy is just under $10. Teoscar Hernandez is just under a dollar. This is the range in which I shop. I want to speculate on someone in that range who will improve and make $10, then buy someone like McCarthy who might continue to improve and be worth somewhere in the Arozarena range, and so on.

Right now, as I type this, here are the players listed for under a dollar: Adam Engel, Stephen Piscotty, Jordan Luplow, Kole Calhoun, Victor Robles, Kody Clemens, Billy Hamilton, Nick Senzel, Ryan McKenna, Tim Locastro, Jake Lamb, Victor Reyes, Charlie Culberson, Leury Garcia, Ben Gamel, Josh Palacios, Avisail Garcia, Ryan McKenna, Brad Miller and Luke Williams, some of whom are listed more than once.

No, I’m not going to sue Calhoun for the good old days. But I’m considering shooting Senzel. If healthy, he should be able to post similar numbers to McCarthy, who sells 10 times as much.

At least for the next few weeks, and during the offseason, that will be my plan. I want $1 guys who can turn into $10 guys. Once I have a few, I’ll hang on and see what grows. I need to learn how the buy/sell process works, but let’s say I buy five or six of these speculative cards. If only one hits, I still have a few bucks ahead. I understand the flaws in this way of thinking, but I stubbornly rely on my baseball knowledge to get through it. Of course, not all of these players will sell for a dollar, but that’s part of the learning process.

As for my roster in this weekend’s tournament, I go with

Wish me good luck. Next week, I’ll report on my first foray into the market and hopefully reveal my maiden purchase or two.


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