The government’s ultimate goal of promoting business the easy way: Dr Jitendra


“Investing in J&K will not affect local employment”

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JAMMU, September 22: Allaying the fears of traders and others, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh today announced that industrial investments in Jammu and Kashmir will not affect the local employment.

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The Union Minister was speaking at a reception held in conjunction with the inauguration of Jammu Haat, an export promotion hub here today with Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha. Dr Jitendra Singh, while assuring traders that their interests will always remain intact, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is opening new avenues for the livelihoods of the people of J&K because he cares the most about the people of the UT.
He said that the ultimate goal of this government is to promote business with the ease of doing business. He said that whatever the grievances and the traders or the people, we have to fix it. “We have to make sure that a single businessman does not feel unsupervised,” he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh, referring to the resentment shown by traders, said: “Whatever the merit of their concern, it will be answered”, stating “We must all respond to their grievances”.
The Union Minister said that with the announcement of the new industrial policy, new prospects will be opened for people in the industrial sector in J&K UT, but people must also be ready for competition.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that the traders delegation can come to Delhi and he will organize their meeting with the relevant ministries. Earlier they had approached, but due to COVID this could not materialize. He said, however, that the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry had surrendered and their meeting had been arranged.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that on May 26, 2014, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in, one of his government’s goals since then has been to bring those people into the mainstream who had gone astray and to this regard, a lot of work has been done. in the North East and J&K. “We did it with commitment and without taking into account the vote bank,” he added.
The Union Minister said that to bring peace and prosperity to the northeast region where the situation was much worse than that of J&K, the Modi government launched the northeast mission and throughout this region, there is currently a radical change. He said during the monsoons previous roads were blocked for days, but right now there are Class A roads throughout this area. In addition, three airports were built there because the Modi government worked with commitment and without any consideration because it only has the well-being of the people in mind.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that with this vigor and commitment, the Modi government is also working at J&K and after converting J&K to Union Territory, many steps have been taken for its development and welfare of population.
“Today Jammu Haat was inaugurated and the business community should have no confusion as our commitment is the welfare of all UT people and this government is not going to do such activity due to which no one will feel uncomfortable with. We need to hear the goal of the traders and also keep our point in front of them, ” he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh said Prime Minister Narendra Modi fully supports the J&K government and all sections of UT society. While highlighting the achievements of the past three years, he said that with the advent of the new anti-corruption law, those who accepted bribes as well as bribes faced actions. .
He clarified that the current corruption law is not that of previous governments where it has been decided who to punish and who not by the government alone. “Recently when I met traders in Srinagar, they also expressed their apprehensions about outside businessmen coming to J&K and I asked them to show me an example where foreigners came and locals lost. their jobs. Instead, employment opportunities in these fields have increased where new manufacturers have established their units. But for that we need to focus on capacity building, ”he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that India is becoming a part of the global world and in order to become the beneficiary, the focus should be on capacity building.
While justifying the creation of a new constitutional mechanism for J&K, he said it was the people of the old state who were saying that dynastic rule and corruption were rampant in J&K. People with percentage scores on written tests were not declared eligible for jobs during interviews, and blue-eyed boys or those with lower scores were selected due to corrupt practices. But under the new mechanism based on fair justice, a poor person with good grades can easily be selected, he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh recently said that some students who failed to qualify for the tests sat on dharna and unfortunately some leaders went there to ask them to fight for their jobs. “A leader must lead the community and not be misled,” he added.
The Union Minister also highlighted the contribution of some promising young people from J&K who have created their own establishments and doubled their income in one year. He said a seed processing factory has been established in Kathua, the first in North India after Punjab. The government has come up with a new industrial policy to create more job opportunities and now people have to get out of their old mindset.
He insisted on holding seminars to educate people about it and argued that no government can provide jobs for all people, but it is the duty of every government to create job opportunities for people. the people.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that to promote the domestic industry, the government has amended India’s forest law to exempt bamboo from forest clearing and in J&K Reasi, Kathua and Samba have large bamboo reserves.


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