The Packers promote Jon-Eric Sullivan


The Packers announced several promotions in player personnel and football operations on Friday, the most notable of which was the elevation of Jon-Eric Sullivan to vice president of player personnel.

Sullivan is entering his 19th season with the club. He spent 2016-17 as director of college scouting after working as a college scout for 12 years. Sullivan previously served as the team’s National Football Scouting representative at the annual NFL Scouting Combine and wrote assessments of all potential seniors in the Southwest region. He joined the team’s football operations department on July 12, 2004, having served as a reconnaissance intern during the Packers’ training camp in 2003.

Other promotions announced by the team on Friday were:

Bryan Engel was promoted to Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Coach after serving as Head Athletic Coach for the past seven seasons. He originally joined Green Bay in 1997 as a seasonal assistant and was an assistant athletic coach for the Packers from 1999 to 2014. Engel received the 2013 Tim Davey NFC Assistant Athletic Trainer Award. Prior to joining Green Bay, Engel was an assistant season with the New England Patriots in 1996-97 after being a trainee in training camp in 1995.

Chris Gaines has been working as a scout assistant since 2019 and was promoted to varsity scout. He originally joined the Packers in 2016 as a football technology assistant. Prior to coming to Green Bay, Gaines was a web application developer for Golevel from 2013 to 2016.

Sean Linon was promoted to varsity scout after working as a scout assistant for the past two years. He originally joined the Packers in 2019 as a scouting intern in training camp and returned to Green Bay as a full-season scouting intern in 2020 before being promoted to scouting assistant mid-season. . He played both wide receiver and cornerback at San Jose State.

Nate Weir was promoted to Associate Athletic Coach/Director of Rehab and Return to Play after working as a Rehab Coordinator since 2017. For the previous 14 years, he served as an Assistant Athletic Coach for the Packers. Weir originally joined Green Bay as a summer athletic training intern in 2004 and was a season athletic training intern for the Packers from 2005 to 2007. As of 2020, he has been a consultant for the NFL Musculoskeletal Committee – working group on the foot and ankle.

Dawson Friedland was promoted to Senior Football Data Analyst. He joined the Packers in 2020 as a data analyst after working for the Miami Marlins as a senior analyst (2019-20), data architect (2018-19) and data engineer (2018). Prior to working in Major League Baseball, Friedland worked for IBM Global Business Services from 2015-18 as a public sector consultant.

Eric Prosis, who joined the Packers in 2019 as a football technology app developer, has been promoted to head of football app development. Prior to Green Bay, he worked as an Application Developer II, Enterprise Software Engineer for ESPN from 2014-2020. In 2013-2014, Prosise was a Business Intelligence Developer for General Motors Company and prior to his in Detroit, was a software engineering co-op for Diebold Inc. in 2010-2011.


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