The Rumble Boxing franchise is taking the urban market by storm


Rumble Boxing is a rapidly growing nationally recognized fitness boxing studio franchise nationwide, with 25 locations open and over 250 licenses awarded.

Rumble Boxing offers 45-minute, 10-round strength and conditioning group workouts designed around teardrop-shaped water punch bags and high-intensity weight training circuits. Rumble workouts are known for their electrifying classroom experience: heart-pounding music, authentic HIIT (high-intensity interval training), metabolic conditioning (MetCon), and the benefits of cardio in a seamless classroom delivered by partial trainers and animator-motivational speakers. Founded in 2017 in New York, Rumble Boxing started the franchise in 2021 and is now part of the Xponential brand portfolio, which includes a number of well-known fitness brands such as BFT, CycleBar and Pure Barre.

Rachelle Dejean, 32, is the chief marketing officer (CMO) of Rumble. Growing up, Dejean participated in countless sports, including at the college level, gaining a strong level of physical and mental toughness. Being an accomplished athlete has helped her excel and continue to grow as a leader during her professional fitness franchise career. Prior to serving as Marketing Director of Rumble Boxing, Dejean was Director of Marketing for Club Pilates, helping grow the brand from 250 locations to over 650 locations in North America and beyond.

(Image courtesy of the Rumble Boxing Franchise)

How Has Rumble Boxing become so famous and so quickly successful?

When the concept for the brand was conceived, no fitness boutique had really taken group fitness and added a hospitality component to it. Mix fun and excitement with the possibility of hitting something and a huge nod to sneaker culture – and Rumble was born.

We have firmly stuck to storytelling and cutting back on the BS and fluff that customers have become oblivious to from other brands that are solely focused on sales and promotions. Take that no-frills attitude and sync it with custom playlists and specially curated programming (half boxing, half strength, and switching between rounds), and the members arrive.

Now that we’re expanding beyond the densely populated, urban markets where models and celebrities are typically found, we’re making sure the lineup and atmosphere are the same. We stay true to who we are and what we know.

As a black woman, how does your identity impact your decision-making when it comes to representing a brand? Why is it important to have this type of representation in the C suite?

In my personal experience, I ask myself “Do I see myself or can I see myself in this [insert placement/product concept or brand name] here?”” and “Can XYZ see himself here? Not only that, but Rumble was also rooted in hip-hop culture and black icons – if we didn’t talk about our brand vibe, we’d be doing our community a disservice for two main reasons: 1) this is what members have bought into and value our culture and brand philosophy, 2) our members and customers literally represent all walks of life.

It is important to have different backgrounds, experiences and cultures so that we can continue in this perspective.

What makes Rumble Boxing a great investment option for BIPOC entrepreneurs considering buying a business?

Beyond the investment opportunities and extensive support that the corporate team at Rumble Boxing provides to all franchise owners, you truly create a truly special community and environment in each studio. You can get a great workout anywhere, but few workout concepts or gyms offer the organized programming and cathartic (boxing) experience that Rumble does, paired with real daily studio hookups and community times. shared as being welcomed by the work of a local artist celebrating the relentless image of Princethe genius of Tupacand the culture of Biggie Smalls Where Dolly Parton.

(Image courtesy of Rachelle Dejean, Rumble Boxing Franchise, Director of Marketing)

Why should potential owners consider Rumble Boxing over some of the other fitness boxing brands?

Given that I spent three and a half years growing Club Pilates from 250 studios to over 600 studios before joining the Rumble team, I have been part of the Xponential family for several years and know the level of support and expertise franchise owners receive – the supportive culture and ability to grow brands at scale while maintaining the core “vibe” is what sets us apart from other boxing fitness brands. Leading the Rumble marketing initiatives took me back to my sporting roots as a former D-1 athlete in two sports at the college level; high-intensity programming and strength and conditioning training that’s really fun is exactly what I did growing up and motivates me every day to run Rumble’s marketing department.

Rumble is a workout for all fitness levels and gives all rumblers a chance to learn a new skill, but it’s also the lights, curated playlists, energy and vibe that the trainer brings, the premium experience of the equipment and the way the programming is done; Andy Stern, our VP of Education and Programming is a mastermind. Switching sides of the room during specific turns brings the class to its climax in the most subtle way that allows you to continue for all 10 (turns). Our equipment and execution of our programs can’t be found anywhere else and the loyalty of our members speaks to it – every day they come together to hone a new skill and fight together. I’m thrilled to be able to help our franchise partners bring this to life.


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