Three steps to adapt to the constant evolution of automotive marketing


Another benefit of advanced technology is that you don’t have to take advantage of these new mediums without knowing how each works. With closed-loop measurement, marketers can identify exactly which messages and channels resonate best with consumers and adapt accordingly. If a combination of email marketing and streaming generates the most leads for your brand, focus on that rather than spreading it across all channels.

In many cases, platform effectiveness depends on demographics and location. This is why measurement is so powerful – it allows you to optimize the deployment of your most effective messages and materials at the right time and in the right place. This helps you maximize every marketing dollar spent by measuring impact and ultimately tying it to actual sales, the most effective demonstration of campaign value.

As OEMs and dealers continue to navigate an environment unprecedented in recent years, a plan to adapt to changing market conditions is an essential tool in every marketer’s toolbox. By using more targeted audiences, solving identity across channels, and more accurately measuring results, marketers will build relationships with consumers who will keep the brand top of mind every time they are on the market. Marlet.


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