TikTok Shares New Insights on ‘Community Commerce’ and How Social Platforms Influence Buying Decisions


With one billion users and growing, TikTok’s influence is growing day by day, and with the holiday season quickly approaching, many marketers are now looking to use the platform’s reach to maximize their results over the period.

And while TikTok doesn’t offer as many advertising options as other platforms, it certainly influences user action and buying behavior. This is the subject of a new report that TikTok produced, in association with the ARM and Publicis Group, which specifically analyzes the concept of “community commerce,” which TikTok says is central to its marketing appeal.

You can check out the full 37-page guide here, but in this article we’ll take a look at some of the key notes.

First, TikTok describes the process of “community trading”:

As explained by TikTok:

“Community commerce talks specifically about the notion of entertaining and compelling content that just happens to be featured in brands. It is creator-driven word of mouth marketing that has taken over the TikTok platform and is injecting a new opportunity into creating social media content that is more authentic to its environment.

In other words, TikTok’s branded content, created in collaboration with the creators and then the wider app community, can help build stronger connections and make your brand a more likeable and desirable product. for TikTok users.

Which is not necessarily easy to achieve, creativity being the key. But by working with the creators of TikTok, who are familiar with the platform, the community commerce approach can generate significant results, which the report also highlights in its data stats.

TikTok Community Trade Report

As you can see here, for the report, the researchers conducted a survey of 2,230 consumers in 11 markets, to better understand the role that social platforms now play in their respective product discovery and purchasing processes. As this data shows, social platforms clearly play an important role in this regard, while consumers are also increasingly open to direct purchase on social platforms, another key change for the industry.

TikTok Community Trade Report

This is why each platform is now striving to integrate in-stream purchasing, with the rise of e-commerce brought on by the pandemic also playing a key role in increasing in-stream purchasing behavior, opening up thus new important opportunities in this regard.

Online trading is also a growing consideration:

TikTok Community Trade Report

Which once again underscores why more and more social platforms are looking to integrate more e-commerce and live-buying options, aligning with these key changes.

TikTok, in particular, is taking a big look at these trends, with new flow shopping tools and live shopping experiences to take advantage of the latest changes. Each element is at the heart of its ‘community commerce’ model, facilitating enhanced discovery and action directly from video clips, and providing ways for creators to better monetize their efforts, and for TikTok itself to maximize its value. income generation process.

The report also provides insight into TikTok buying trends in particular, including the most effective integrated approaches for different verticals.

TikTok Community Trade Report

He also examines the evolution of user response to creators and what people like to see in influencer videos.

TikTok Community Trade Report

There is a bunch of interesting and valuable information here that is definitely worth checking out for anyone looking to better understand social commerce change.

You can download the full guide to the role of community commerce here.

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