Toyota Ghana partners with garages to promote genuine parts


Toyota Ghana Company Limited, as part of the measures to tackle counterfeit spare parts, has launched a project dubbed “Team Toyota” to partner with various garages to tackle the threat of the automotive market.

“Team Toyota” is a unique aftermarket support project that offers garages the opportunity to partner with Toyota to provide customers with genuine spare parts.

Mr. Kohji Yanaka, Managing Director of Toyota Ghana Company Limited, said at the launch of the project, as a business entity with a passion for excellence, “we consider it appropriate to periodically hire garages to find a common solution to the needs of our common customers.

He said as the increasing number of Toyota vehicle units in operation and maintenance costs became a concern for many transportation owners, it had become imperative to identify innovative ways to bridge the gap between original spare parts and used cars.

“We recently conducted market research and found that many Toyota used car customers prefer second-grade parts that are genuine and affordable in the used car segment,” he said. .

The managing director said that it was to meet market demand that Toyota Motor Corporation had developed a unique product identified as “IAM Parts” under the trade name “Team Toyota”.

Mr Kohji said the principle behind the goal is to create a reliable supply chain for the sale of spare parts at a very affordable price.

He said members of the garage association with Toyota on the project would bring substantial benefits to their businesses in the form of additional money and technical support.

The general manager said that to strengthen the business relationship for the project, a few garages had been selected as pioneers and would be issued with certificates of authorization to start their activities under the trade name “Team Toyota”.

He said the garages would later be branded to reflect the new status and encouraged them to view the certification as brand ambassadors for the sake of customer excellence.

Mr. Iddrisu Seidu, After Sales Manager at Toyota Ghana, said the strategy was to focus on delivering quality services through certification of partner garages.

He said it was all about providing affordable parts and reliable service to create a safe and comfortable mobility society, while protecting customers from the threat of counterfeit or low-quality parts.

The after-sales manager said garages would benefit from quality parts supply, marketing support, technical support and quality control.

He urged partners to strive to provide quality service, use the right parts for their services, acquire the right tools and equipment, and operate in a safe and comfortable environment.

The garages selected to date are: Iken Auto Tech, Wagner Vehicle Management, Zdegree Auto Services and Klataa Engineering Solutions.


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