Ash K. with what he thinks is his cat.

Kevin the Cap, rolling a coin with a wink.

Kevin the Cap, rolling a coin with a wink.

An unprecedented historic tour continues, now through the desserts of California and Nevada. Mini Cooper dropped! The immigrant magician is right!

I told Kevin the car wasn’t big enough, and as usual, the stupid stranger was right.

– Magician Ash K.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 6, 2021 / – For immediate release


“I told Kevin the car wasn’t big enough, and as usual, the stupid stranger was right,” the magician joked. Ash K. on the acquisition by the tour of a compact SUV. “It’s still packed, but that’s what happens when you drive two magicians doing three kinds of shows plus close-quarters magic across 48 states: you’ve got a lot!”

Ash K., aka Northern California’s Funniest Magician, was named BayList Winner in the Arts & Entertainment category by readers of The San Francisco Chronicle and Originally from the small Eastern European country of Balka (he explains nicely: “Go to Poland and turn right – can’t miss it.”). Ash K. is often portrayed as eccentric and vaudeville comes to life.

Kevin the cap practices what he calls Smart Magic for Smart People. Like Ash K., he is a magician in good standing with the internationally renowned Academy of Magical Arts, known for its clubhouse, Hollywood Magic Castle.

Kevin noted, “We have another fixable problem: Several social media inquiries ask, ‘When / where can we see the show? When we are on tour only because of the bookings we receive. Whether it’s summer camp shows, retirement communities, libraries, or an in-home kids’ party, we’ve got something for everyone … and with no hidden fees or charges. He continued, “We are also the only magicians that we know of who have released a full price list. Live entertainment is a ‘want’ as opposed to a ‘need’, so the sales and marketing process is often late and forward. “

“Not with us!” rang Ash K., “Kevin made it super easy. You just have to go to the website,, choose which of us you want to see and which show – from walking magic to one. show on stage – and fill out the form. Kevin then confirms, you sign up and get your deposit back, and you’re ready to see GREAT magic, LIVE! No Show Zoom on this tour! “

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About the shows
“Our shows are quite different,” explained Ash K., or as his friends call him, Ash. “Kevin is the crook gentleman – utterly charming, and his magic is stellar.” Kevin then offered his description of Ash K.: “Ash K. is something from a century ago: a vaudeville act, with its unmistakable accent. Unusual and a lot of fun. We think it’s good to give customers and the public a choice. Their route will take them from sea to sea, you can track their journey on their website,

From large towns to peasant towns, they intend to perform in front of the public in all kinds of places: libraries, retirement homes, regional theaters, summer camps, even private parties along the route. “And magic lessons!” Ash K. rang out, “Don’t forget to mention the magic lessons Kevin teaches adults, kids, or both!” “

“The subject line is that three-letter word: fun,” Kevin said. “It’s been a tough year for humanity, and Ash K. and I decided that running our two shows across the country, bringing them to audiences of all kinds, would be a great opportunity for people to see our shows. who otherwise might not. We come to YOU.

About the tour
Kevin then explained the historical origin of the tour: “Several historians of magic have told us that we are the first to cross the 48 states in one season. From antiquity until the 1940s, artists rode on horseback, then in wagons, then in carriages from town to town, bringing their acts of comedy, ventriloquism, gymnastics, dramatic readings and magic to crowds. hungry for entertainment and something different. With the rise of cinema almost a century ago, then of aviation, this migratory version of our profession has disappeared and artists are simply taking the plane for their next engagement. We’re a little behind, and the audience loves it.

* * Now that more Americans are vaccinated (as are the two wizards), and the Center for Disease Control has determined that surfaces are not the means of transmission of the infamous virus, a start date of July 1 appears reasonable, and while traveling, Ash K. & Kevin the Cap will continue to adhere to public health protocols as determined by the CDC and individual communities.

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