Upper Arlington’s Scioto Made Goes From Home-Based Business To In-Store Business


After three years of designing and manufacturing wallets and “carrying items” such as handbags out of their Lytham Road home, Wes Adams and his wife, Dana, opened their first storefront, Scioto does, at 2800, chemin Fishinger on August 24.

The store, located in the Scioto View Center, features 400 square feet of retail space, an approximately 1,100 square foot back office where Adams does small-batch printing and embroidery, does design work. and manufactures wallets, purses, hats and other merchandise.

Scioto Made also offers leather goods, T-shirts, beard oils, candles and towels. All items sold in the store are designed or manufactured in Ohio.

“I used to work from home, and we were mainly doing online sales and marketplaces and stuff,” Adams said. “I had grown up and was looking for a new space outside the house.

“We live, like, right next to here. So that was perfect.”

As Adams puts it, Scioto Made’s brand is “on the outside”.

He said the concept is to “celebrate the local creators, the people who do really cool stuff.”

In doing so, Adams designs and manufactures items that celebrate Ohio and the natural world, and provides products that will help others do the same.

“Our motto is: ‘Simple designs for everyday use’,” he said. “Our things are designed to be durable, to last, simple and easy to transport.

“Our bags are really perfect for hiking, festivals or long visits to the parks,” he said. “You can carry, in a way, just what you need and not too much.”

In addition to making and selling products that can help people explore and enjoy the outdoors, Wes and Dana Adams raise awareness of environmental issues and organize and participate in Scioto River clean-up events.

They also donate 1% of all proceeds from the sale to 1% for the planet, a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofits that work to solve environmental issues through fundraising and legislative lobbying, and are members of the Great Lakes Business Network.

Plus, Adams said, he makes sure his clothes and accessories don’t contribute to environmental waste.

“We are trying to make durable products that will last to help keep waste out of landfills,” he said. “The environmental part is really important to us. You want to be able to enjoy the outdoors and keep it pristine and clean. You don’t want to go to a remote place and see garbage everywhere.

“There is that impact, and it also affects the animals, the food supply and everything,” he said. “For us, it’s really important to be aware of this and to know what your impact is on the environment.”

The couple are the only Scioto Mile employee. However, they hope to add more staff as the business grows.

“The City of Upper Arlington is delighted to have opened its first physical store here in the city,” said city development manager Joe Henderson. “We can’t wait for them to be part of our business community and look forward to seeing them grow.”

Although Scioto Made is not a member of the Tri-Village Chamber Partnership, the organization’s president and CEO said he was happy to hear of the addition of a specialty store in the area.

“A new business in the Tri-Village area is always a huge asset to our communities,” said David Polakowski. “It’s exciting to hear about the opening of Scioto Made, especially right now.”

Scioto Made’s opening hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday.

In addition to in-store sales, the store offers online sales through its website https://sciotomade.com/.

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