Vauld Reference Code FREE100 | Earn 40% bonus + 12% interest


Vauld Referral Code Get Free Cash Bonus. “FREE100” is the newest Vauld referral code, which you can use to earn referral fees by introducing friends to this marketplace. Crypto is a volatile asset that is gaining popularity these days, especially because it is decentralized. Vauld is one such Singapore-based app. It was recently launched in India to invest in cryptocurrency. It provides several things such as information, tools, and tips to help you become a successful investor.

Vault Referral Code:

“FREE100” is the referral code for Vauld App. Refer your friends using this Vauld app referral code and get 75% trading fee on your trading fee. Join Vauld and get a free 10% trading fee discount when you use my Vauld referral code SUvfc9. You can also earn money by investing in this app. Vauld Refer and earn unlimited commission by referring friends. Vauld Money which you can withdraw to your bank account.

Vauld referral code: SUvfc9

Earn 40% Bonus + 12% Interest

Experts and professionals have created the application in different fields such as finance, marketing, design and technology. Its features are excellent and allow beginners to trade effectively in the world of crypto.

Benefits of using the Vauld app?

Users have been using the Vauld app for a long time all over the world for their crypto needs. They highly recommend using it, but what’s so special about it? I’ve been investing in it for a long time, and here’s how the app is a boon for you:

– You can deposit money easily using any mobile wallet in India which other platforms like WazirX do not offer.

– You can earn interest by depositing the required amount in it as fixed deposits. FDs can be used for Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

– This is a safe platform to invest in and you can get extra security by taking insurance on your funds.

– Developers provide excellent technical and customer support services rare on Crypto exchange platforms.

– There are several additional exchange platforms in India like Kuber, CoinDCX and many more and the app is better than all of them. For example, Vauld’s security is 100 times better than any other platform. Your money is safe. Even you won’t find loss-vulnerable Crypto Coins like Squid, available on WazirX.

– Beginners and Indian investors find it difficult to identify a profitable coin.

– However, the platform provides several Crypto coins with their details to help you monitor your assets.

– Also, if you want to deposit money as an FD, this is the best place because Vauld offers a 6.75% deposit, while other cryptocurrency exchanges provide around 4%.

– You don’t even have to worry about Indian crypto policies. As it is a Singapore based app, it is more crypto friendly. The country primarily uses Crypto, so Indian policies will not directly affect your assets.

– If cryptocurrency is prohibited, you will have a safe exit.

– You can add your money on the app using any mobile wallet in the form of Indian Rupee, and you will get additional benefits from an overseas registered company when you deposit INR.

– You can even return the Crypto referral percentage to your friends, but it is only applicable if you have used the Crypto Referral Code Vault by joining him. But you can benefit from it if you sponsor someone.

All of these factors make the platform amazing for trading Crypto assets.

How do I invest money in the Vauld app?

Vauld is a decentralized application built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. This application has been designed so that anyone can use it to trade, invest and manage their cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is volatile, so it is important to be aware of the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies. The Vauld app was designed to provide a simple and secure experience for beginners and advanced alike. There are many ways to invest in Vauld. The traditional method is to buy Vauld tokens on the open market. You can also invest in Vault by mining or buying and selling other digital currencies.

Here are the steps to follow to invest in Crypto:

– Apply for an account with a Vauld App crypto exchange

– Use my Vauld referral code: FREE100

– Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum on the exchange

– Transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum to your wallet

– Sign up for the Vauld Crypto app with your new wallet address

– Transfer Bitcoin or Ethereum from your wallet to the Vauld Crypto app wallet address

The conclusion

The ideal way to invest in Crypto is through fixed deposits as you get higher interest rates than any other Indian Crypto exchange. Also, you don’t get higher interest rates at banks or places these days. Even the stock market currently fluctuates rapidly. So, safely, Vauld is the preferable option.

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